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This girdle is a cream white. On it is an embroidery of a rose, but this is also white, and takes a DC 10 Spot check to notice.

It's size is variable. It can fit any creature up to large size and down to small size.


A beautiful janni noblewoman by the name of Minerva once possessed this girdle. She was very kind-hearted, gentle, and persuasive. However, she had a lavish appetite. By the time she died of unknown causes, she had become quite plump. Her girdle contains part of her spirit. There are legends of other enchanted possessions of hers, but they seem to be only rumors.


The wearer is insulated from all extreme temperatures. She gains resist fire, cold, air, and earth 5. It also adds 2 points to the wearer's charisma, and adds 4 to Bluff and Diplomacy. In addition, it adds +2 to saves versus spells.

However, it has some side-effects.

The wearer becomes hungry 1d3 hours after putting it on. They require double the normal amount of food to eat. They also have a strong preference for rich foods.

Regardless of exactly how much food is consumed, the wearer starts bloating up 1d4 days after first wearing it. They gain 5 pounds a day (or its equivalent). The fat is much more pronounced in the general area the girdle covers. A week later, they require new armor and outfits. Each week after initially wearing it, the wearer accumulates an additional -1 penalty to skills requiring an armor check. A month later, they lose 1 point of strength and dexterity, and take up roughly twice as much width in character size.

(See DM notes for this artifact on the discussion page)

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