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This artifact was created by Evilthade.

Before any discussion, here are some DM notes and clarifications.

Why was this artifact created?[edit]

This is going to sound weird...but every time I went through an old AD&D Manual, and looking at the artifact list, I noticed that one of the side effects/drawbacks was that the user "gains 30 pounds". Perplexed, I decided to come up with an item which was an artifact of some value, but managed to incorporate that element in a mildly sensible way. Were there other possibilities? Yes, but I like this one.

Why does the girdle have the powers it does?[edit]

They're all elements of the original wearer.

Elemental resistance= Janni Spell Resistance= Spellcaster Charisma/Diplomacy bonus= Noble, very polite, and, well...charismatic. Weight gain= Glutton/Fat

Just in case this might not be clear, it won't inherit any other traits from future wearers, only the original.

Who would, knowing its drawbacks, use this item?[edit]

I had sorcerors in mind, but really any spellcaster class that uses charisma could benefit.

Note that this is also a cursed item. There's no guarantee that a wearer will benefit.

Is this an intelligent item?[edit]

Given that its power comes from a living person, it could well be.

If so, I would give it telepathic speech, some minor powers, and a major but non-offensive power, such as healing.

However, it could just as easily be just a unique magic item.

Is this artifact intended seriously?[edit]

No, I was just playing around. I don't think it would work out well if it was serious.

However, there's nothing stopping you from making minor changes to it.

What kind of edits should I make?[edit]

This article is definitely welcome for editing (in fact, I'm sure it needs some patching up). However, I would prefer keeping edits constructive.

If you have any questions or comments on the article, by all means post them here.

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