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Full Plate of the Zen Disciple[edit]

When the Favored One stepped foot on the battlefield even the enemy was in awe. Grace, courage, and benevolence seemed to be manifested physically. I am lost as to what the symbols etched onto the armor meant. Perhaps they are the equivalent to our Runes in the country it came from.
—Gregor Stormcrafter, Dwarven Battle Priest


The history of this mystical armor, lives only in legend. It is believed to have been created by a Divine entity from the Outer Planes to be used by one strongly favored by all that is good. Due to the nature of the wearer, he was always travelling from battlefield to battlefield until one day, he was finally overcome by the minions of chaos. His body was desecrated and the armor was scattered amongst the Planes.


The Full Plate of the Zen Disciple consists of five seperate pieces; the Helm of Zen Thought, Breastplate of Zen Protection, Gauntlets of Zen Focus, Greaves of Zen Balance, and the Boots of Zen Travel. Every piece in this set is made from adamantium and white gold, and is quite beautiful.


Heavy Armor

Aura of Good 10 ft. Radius

AC: +6

Max Dex: +10

Immune to Critical Hits

Gives the wearer an additional level 1/2/3/4 Divine Spell per day.

The above effects only happen when the entire set is worn.


Priceless. The only way to recreate this artifact is to travel to the Plane it was created on and find the crafter.

It is possible to recreate it if the player was able to meet the above requirement.

DM Note[edit]

I created this armor with no set campaign nor race in mind. Ideally, "Good"Clerics, Paladins, and Favored Souls would use this. -Irykyl

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