Breastplate of Zen Protection (3.5e Equipment)

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Requirements: Level 20+, Must be able to cast Divine spells

Cost: 750,000gp

Weight: 15 lbs

Aura: Strong; (DC 20) Divine War, Divine Protection

Armor Check Penalty: -0

Max Dex Bonus: +3

Arcane Spell Failure: 5%

Base AC: 8

Enchantments: Grants an enhancement bonus to AC of +2, +4 to Wisdom, +4 to Willpower save, spell resistance 30, and immunity to all death effects. None of these effects may be dispelled.

Description: Only one piece of this armor is rumored to be in existence. The armor is made of adamantium and white gold with etchings of the kanji symbol "Faith" on the left and "Courage" on the right. Due to the nature of it's creation, it is exceptionally light, but sturdy nonetheless.

The breastplate is believed to be part of an artifact known as the Full Plate of the Zen Disciple. This artifact is mentioned in legends but no one has seen this artifact in centuries.

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