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The Eclipse Blade: The Eclipse Blade is a higher form of the mighty Sun Blade, bearing the powers of both light and darkness. While it lacks a natural alignment as its brother blade has, it receives the same attack and damage buffers as the Sun Blade against both Good and Evil alignment enemies as well as Undead. In addition, it can cast both the sunlight power of the Sun Blade and a moonshade power that acts as like a Deeper Darkness spell.

The Eclipse Blade has the appearance and size of a Greatsword, but the weight and proficiency of a longsword. It functions in this way almost exactly like the Sun Blade, but the blade is considered to be Large size while retaining weight and proficiency of a Medium weapon.

The Eclipse Blade's intertwined gold and silver blade glows with a dim white aura at all times, making it impossible to conceal. In combat, it acts as a +2 Large Greatsword. Against Good and Evil creatures, its affinity for destroying them makes its enhancement bonus become +5. Against beings of either the Positive Energy Plane or the Negative Energy Plane, as well as Undead, it deals double damage and its critical hit roll changes from x2 to x4.

Few Eclipse Blades remain in existence, and they are scattered about the Prime Material Plane as well as others.

Strong Evocation; CL 20th; Weight 4 lb.

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