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The Iron Book of Ald'ori: This book is made of pure iron. Its front cover bears the seal of the great mage, Ald’ori. Within the book are many pages made of beaten iron. The edges of the pages are as sharp as razor blades. On each of these pages are scribed a rune or spell. The book itself measures about 6 hands tall, four hands wide, and one hand thick. The book weighs several hundred pounds.

3rd level spells: Haste, Slow, Fireball, Rage, Protection from Energy

4th level spells: Dimensional Anchor, Stoneskin, Minor Creation, Stone Shape

5th level spells: Major Creation, Cone of Cold, Transmute Rock to Mud, Transmute Mud to Rock, Fabricate

6th level spells: Greater Dispel Magic, Wall of Iron, Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh

7th level spells: Reverse Gravity, Phase Door

8th level spells: Iron Body

The book has other powers as well. If the reader can decipher the command word (Decipher Script DC 35) then they can make the book levitate at will and move with them.

There is also another command word within. If this can be deciphered (Decipher Script DC 40) then another power of the book can be unlocked. The book can be used as a Dancing weapon three times per day. The duration of this is 1 round per 3 character levels of the book owner. The book will do damage as a heavy mace +2. Once its dancing duration is up it will teleport to the owner.

Note: Any who try must make a caster level check (DC 30) in regards to spells to decipher the books command words.

The book is also immune to rust as well as fire of any type. However any fire attack will grant the book +3 damage (Heat) when it dances.

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