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Blasphemy: A plain silver sword with a brown handle. It shines as if the sun is constantly out.

The original creator of Blasphemy was lost to the winds of time, but the history of the blade was never forgotten. It is the original weapon of the Bulletkin people, who have since thrown it aside in preference of ranged weapons. However, it was not forgotten by one member of the kind, who granted it to a young bulletkin. This youthful hero took on an evil dictator and freed his people. Now, the sword awaits a new master, its power noble and strong.

Blasphemy is a +3 Shortsword. It has several very specific abilities. First, despite it being a shortsword, in order to activate any of its abilities beyond the basic strike, it requires one free hand. The basic strike of the sword deals 2d6 slashing damage, with a 19-20/x2 critical. The first of its abilities is the ability to fire out a short, rainbow blast in the shape of Blasphemy. This blade is a piercing attack that deals 2d6 damage, same as the swing of the blade. The strike flies for 50 feet before stopping and does not stop upon coming into contact with an enemy, allowing it to travel the full distance. It cannot cause harm to objects or anything that is not a living creature. It is shot out every time the blade is swung, as long as the user is on full health. In addition, the sword can be swung as an immediate reaction once per round in combat, allowing it to slice through a bullet, arrow, bolt, or similar projectile and cut it in half, stopping its travel and blocking it from hitting the user. The projectile must be coming directly at the user of Blasphemy in order to use this ability.

If by the use of a wish, the magic of the sword is removed, it will become a 1d6 wooden shortsword with no magical abilities.
Moderate Evocation; CL 10; Weight: 3 lbs

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