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Hello I'm someone who's been playing Dnd for about 9 years now and I'm glad to help anyone with anything as long as I can. I mostly play 5e but I started on 3.5e. If you catch me in the tavern and you are worthy I will bake you a magical dessert.



I bestow upon you the lowest honor known to D&D Wiki: the Lionring!--GamerAim (talk) 18:38, 25 June 2017 (MDT)

Lion ring.jpg Lionring                            
I award you with the Lionring in return for making the Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie (5e Equipment) and lightening my mood.--GamerAim (talk) 18:38, 25 June 2017 (MDT)

Pages I've made:


Ambun (5e Race)

Blugruim (5e Race)

Cauzerauti (5e Race)

Chibido (5e Race) NR

Corado (5e Race) NR

Gadragger (5e Race) NR

Half-Genie (5e Race) NR

Kumakin (5e Race) NR

Lamia (5e Race)

Marunae (5e Race)

Mitocabra (5e Race)

Neko (5e Race) NR

Roba (5e Race)

Suva (5e Race)

Xortan (5e Race)


Deathslinger (5e Class)

Personifier (5e Class)


Path of the Pinoak Warrior (5e Archetype) Barbarian

College of Synth (5e Subclass) Bard

Insanity Magic (5e Archetype) Sorcerer

Believer (5e Archetype) Sorcerer


Liver Leech (5e Creature)


Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie (5e Equipment) Made for GamerAim

Fortunate Cookies (5e Equipment) Made for SgtLion

Judgement's Sting (5e Equipment)

Sugar Snaps of Speed (5e Equipment) Made for ConcealedLight


Manic Manacles (5e Spell)


The Trifadishti Petals (5e Pantheon) Including all individual god's pages

Things I've Worked On or Helped With

Ring of Action Saving (5e Equipment) Saved from Deletion

Android (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Death Qaz (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Nescerei (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Cartura (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Sumarian (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Evorian (5e Race) Saved from Deletion

Aligotarian (5e Race) Fixed Tables and Template

Azara (5e Race) Improved Grammar and Added Height/Weight Table

Zaa' Hraa (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Blaad' Os (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Avali (5e Race) Rebalanced and Improved Grammar

Arsenasite (5e Race) Rebalanced

Ikuisuus (5e Race) Rebalanced

Vidreans (5e Race) Rebalanced

Floran (5e Race) Rebalanced

Zardak (5e Race) Rebalanced

Avariel (5e Race) Improved Grammar

S'Tek (5e Race) Improved Grammar

Gren'wir (5e Race) Fixed Broken Preload and Grammar

Clamantes hostia (5e Race) Added Characteristics

Oath of The Justiciar (5e Archetype) Rebalanced

Choker (5e Creature) Added Description

Fish Fiend (5e Creature) Added Description

Kakamora (5e Creature) Rebalanced

Ooze, Arcane (5e Creature) Recalculated CR

Thokola (5e Creature) Recalculated CR

Kalkara (5e Creature) Recalculated CR, Added Description and Rebalanced

Tako (5e Creature) Recalculated CR and Rebalanced

Johyo (5e Creature) Grammar

Lost Pages Which Have Found Their Homes (Categorized Pages From Uncategorized List)[edit]

Ancient Core Hound (3.5e Creature)

Spider-Monk (3.5e Class)

Swashbuckler (3.5e Class)

Ronso (5e Race)

Awakened Animal (5e Race)

Chemist (3.5e Class)

Enchantment Brewing (3.5e Feat)

Rune Keeper (5e Class)

Sol en victus (5e Deity)

Ancient Warforged (5e Race)

God Touched (5e Background)

Kritian (5e Race)

Lancer (5e Subclass)

Child Of Cosmos (5e Race)

Doppelganger (5e Race)

Enigma (5e Class)

Half Fey (5e Race)

Musubi (5e Deity)

Punisher (5e Feat)

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