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College of Synth[edit]

This is a subclass of the bard class Bards can pursue many leads in their quest for more enchanting arts and mesmerizing poems, but some bards have looked away from this world and looked into the planes for their inspiration and have come across unique abilities attempting to mimic these places in their performances. When many other creatures view Mechanus the Plane of Law, they hear dull gears and massive machinery pound away in an endless cacophony, but every now and again the right bard hears an untapped potential of hard mechanical sounds combined with beautiful music to make what these bards call the power of synth.

Give Yourself to the Rhythm

At 3rd level when you take this subclass, your whole body is infused with a steady beat which makes you move not only unpredictably but more efficiently. You now gain advantage on initiative checks and 5 feet of movement speed as long as you are not wearing heavy armor or wielding a shield.

Amp It Up

Your sharp tones and harsh sounds can be twisted to instill confusion and uncertainty in those you attack. At 3rd level, whenever you inflict damage upon a creature it has disadvantage on any wisdom saving throw it makes before the start of your next turn. A creature affected by this ability is immune to it for the next 24 hours.

Grinding Gears

Listening to the constant droll from the plane of law has granted you enhanced mental resistance to such powerful noises and a much more easily focused mind. After 6th level you are now resistant to thunder damage and the first time someone would break your concentration on a spell as a result of causing damage you automatically pass the saving throw. You may use this ability to automatically pass the saving throw only once, regaining use of it after your next long or short rest.

Rhyme and Reason

Your allies can now fully appreciate your rhythmic pulse and beat to keep them in the fight. After 14th level, a friendly creature can now use your Bardic Inspiration to grant them temporary hit points as a reaction to receiving damage that would reduce them to 0 hit points possibly keeping them conscious, and also gain 5 ft. of movement speed while they have a Bardic Inspiration die that they have not used.

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