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These feats require the player to have come from some specific location or geography.

Aerial Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Arcane Schooling Your race must have a Favored Class that is an arcane spellcaster; Must be from Tirasus or Godsreach You were given training at a young age in the mystical arcane arts.
Artist Must be from Kerrigan, Ashen Coast or Sol. You come from a land with an exotic culture, where dance and art thrive.
Axethrower Must be a human from Indus. Alternatively, must be an Orc, Half-Orc or a Kerani. Your people favor the axe, and have learned how to hurl such weapons to deadly effect.
Blooded Must be a dwarf from Kerrigan, or an Humans or Half-Elves from Volare or Silverfell. Alternatively, must be an Dragonkin, or a Half-Giant, or a Coug'r. You know what it means to fight for your life, and you understand the value of quick wits and quicker reactions when blades are bared and deadly spells are chanted.
Bullheaded Must be from Indus. Alternatively, must be a Drow, Fire Genasi, or Dragonkin The stubbornness and determination of your kind is legendary. You are exceptionally headstrong and difficult to sway from your intended course.
Cavalry Must be from Lionel Your people are known for their horses, and mounted combat is considered especially important and excelled in, within your country.
Church Education WIS 13 The clergy of your homeland has educated you from a young age.
Clouded Mind Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker feat Your experience in the dark woods and the dead Marshes of Wra'sh made you imperious to Mind Affecting Effect.
Cosmopolitan Must be from Lionel, Silverfell, or Tirasus. Alternatively, must be a Kaori, Half-Giant, Half-Elf, or other Half-Blooded Race. You've been lied to more times than you can count, this history has made you intimately familiar with the deceit, guile, and double speak of city folk.
Dark Wood Walker You are used of walking in the Dark Woods of Wra'sh, nothing can scare you now.
Dauntless Must be a Dwarf from Kerrigan or a member of any race from Lionel, the Ashen Coast or Sol. Alternatively, must be a Earth Genasi or Kaori. Your people have been put to the test generation after generation, and keep on persevering.
Daylight Adaptation Must be a Drow or Orc, or other race that has Light Sensitivity or Blindness. You've spent so many years on the surface, out of the dark, that you've become adapted to the light of the sun.
Educated Upbringing INT 17 You grew up in a community that valued your intelligence, and provided education to enhance it.
Forester Must be from Indus, Volare or Tirasus You grew up in a great forested area, and are knowledgeable in its secrets and ways.
Forgeheart Must be from the Ashen Coast Because you are inured to the hellish heat of your homeland, you are resistant to blasts of fire that would damage other creatures.
Furious Charge Must be from Indus, or Lionel. Alternatively, you must be an Orc or a Fire Genasi. Your people are known for their love of battle, and they rarely waste time in meeting a foe blade-to-blade. You know how to make the most of a charge.
Knight of the Lich Tyrants Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker, able to cast 2nd level Necromancy Spells, any non-good. You pledge your life to the four Lich Tyrants of Wra'sh, they granted you profane powers.
Local Enemy Offensive Training Base attack bonus +1, Region has local enemy You have been trained to fight aggressively against the tactics of a regional enemy.
Luck of Heroes Must be from Silverfell or Sol Your land is known for producing heroes. Through luck, determination, and resilience, you survive when no one expects you to make it through.
Magical Training INT 10 or CHA 10, and must be from Tirasus or Godsreach You come from a land where cantrips are taught to all who have the aptitude to learn magic. Every crafter and artisan, it seems, knows a minor spell or two.
Mercantile Background Must be part of a wealthy merchant family, and must be an active member of that family in good standing. You come from a wealthy family with numerous contacts in the trading coasts and craft guilds of Tirr's bustling cities. You can get a good deal on almost anything you buy or sell.
Mi-Go Item Creation Can only be taken at first level; Must be a member of The Reserve. You people have assimilated the art of creating Mi-Go Technology into their culture.
Militia STR 13, CON 13 You're a full-time militia member who has served in the guard in your homeland. Naturally, you've received weapons training.
Noble Birth Born into a Noble Family; Must be from Lionel, Tirasus, Indus, Ashen Coast or Godsreach. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and raised from a young age to represent your family and your social caste.
Nomadic Trekker Must be an elf from Volare. Alternatively, must be a Kerani or Thri-Kreen. You are particularly efficient at overland movement across the great grasslands.
Saddleback Ride 4 Ranks. Alternatively, must be from Lionel You've spent endless hours learning how to handle a mount in a fight.
Silver Palm Must be from Kerrigan, Fairus, or Sol. Alternatively, must be a Kaori or a Water Genasi. You grew up in a culture based on haggling and the art of the deal.
Smooth Talk Must be from either Kerrigan or the Ashen Coast. Alternatively, must be a Halfling, Kaori or a Water Genasi. You grew up in a land where the people are accustomed to dealing with strangers without needing to draw their weapons to make their point. There are few problems that you can't talk your way out of.
Snake Blood Must be from Sol. Alternatively, must be a Naga The taint of the Yuan-ti or the Naga runs in your veins. No outward signs give away you heritage, but you are something more--or less--than those of your normal heritage.
Soulwalker of Wra'sh Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker, Wra'sh Ghost Hunter feats. You are one of the soulwalker of Wra'sh, you preventing undeath with supernatural powers..
Spellwise Must be from Tirasus or Godsreach. You were raised in a land where mighty wizards are common. Everyone in your homeland knows something about magic, and you have learned that things are sometimes not as they appear.
Stormheart Must not be from the Ashen Coast or Godsreach. The sea is in your blood. You are no stranger to seas chases and blood on the decks.
Street Smart Growing up in any community of small city or greater size. You have learned how to keep informed, ask questions, and interact with the underworld without raising suspicion.
Surefooted Must be a Coug'r or a Gnome. You were raised in an area where you fought often on steep slopes and treacherous surfaces.
Survivor Must be from Sol or the Ashen Coast. Alternatively, must be a Thri-Kreen. Your people thrive in regions that others find uninhabitable, and excel at uncovering the secrets of the wilderness and surviving to tell the tale.
Treetopper Must be an elf from Volare, or a Halfling from Tirasus. Alternatively, must be a Common Catfolk. Your people are at home in the trees and high places, daring falls that paralyze most other folk in abject terror.
Weapon Grace Base attack bonus +1 You are an expert in the graceful use of a regional weapon.
Woodland Survivalist Must be from Volare, Indus, or Tirasus. Alternatively, must be Kerani. You have lived your life hunting among the trees, and have thus become rather capable.
Woodwise Must have grown up in deep woodland territory. You are trained in fighting in woodlands and know how to use the terrain to best advantage.
Wra'sh Blood Native to an area of heavy marshlands Resistance to poison and disease; immunity to some diseases
Wra'sh Ghost Hunter Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker feat You are a Ghost Hunter, you learnt the secret art of Wras'sh Witch Hunter and you are now able to hit even Ghost.
Wra'sh Necromancer Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker, Apprentice Necromancer feat Your mastery of the dark art and your tutelage in Wra'sh granted you very powerful dark powers.
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