Knight of the Lich Tyrants (3.5e Feat)

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Knight of the Lich Tyrants [Regional]

You pledge your life to the four Lich Tyrants of Wra'sh, they granted you profane powers.
Prerequisite: Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker, able to cast 2nd level Necromancy Spells, any non-good.
Benefit: You gain the following abilities.
  • You gain 25% Fortification.
  • You gain a +2 Profane Bonus to Natural Armor.
  • You may cast Command Undead as a spell-like ability 3 time per day (caster level 8).
  • You no longer need to eat, sleep or drink.
Special: All these abilities are Supernatural abilities and are suppressed in a anti-magic field.

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