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Saddleback [General, Regional]

You've spent endless hours learning how to handle a mount in a fight.
Prerequisite: Ride 4 Ranks. Alternatively, must be from Lionel
Benefit: You can take 10 on Ride checks, even if you are rushed or threatened. If either you or your mount fails a Reflex save while mounted, you can attempt a Ride check to succeed on the saving throw anyway. The save is successful if your Ride check result is equal to or greater than the spell's save DC. (Essentially, you can substitute your Ride check result for your Reflex save if the former is higher.) You can attempt this substitution once per round for either your mount or yourself. If both you and your mount fail a Reflex save against the same effect, your Ride check result applies to both your save and your mount's save.

While Lionel practically makes mounted combat into a regular practice and leads the world in terms of heavily armored cavalry units, plenty of other people in world of Tirr have taken the time to learn how to use horses and other creatures in combat, recognizing their utility in skirmishes that take place in the open.

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