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Mi-Go Item Creation [Regional, Item Creation]

You people have assimilated the art of creating Mi-Go Technology into their culture.
Prerequisite: Can only be taken at first level; Must be a member of The Reserve.
Benefit: You possesses the ability to create strange items that blur the line between magic and technology, given time and resources. This ability allows you to ignore all of the Item Creation feat requirements and spellcasting requirements for creating a magic item; the resulting item is always mi-go technology. When you use this ability to craft an item, you must use a larger amount of strange ingredients and expendable resources—this effectively doubles the base cost to create the item.
Normal: You make magic items on the cheap, but need to be a spellcaster and use specialized feats.
Special: The mi-go mastery of surgical and biological technologies incorporates the magical; the techniques they utilize in their pursuit of world colonization manifest in a wide range of strange and frightening tools. These devices merge magic and technology in strange and unsettling ways. For the most part, mi-go technology functions identically to normal magic items—the devices simply look disturbing and weird to other creatures. The function of mi-go technological items can be identified as if they were normal magic items, but with a –5 penalty on the Spellcraft check. Likewise, attempts to utilize mi-go technology with Use Magic Device take a –5 penalty. At the GM’s discretion, after a character becomes familiar with mi-go technology (perhaps after identifying or using the items over the course of an adventure or two), these penalties might vanish. In addition, you can use the Heal skill to craft mi-go technology in place of any craft skill.

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