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Item Creation Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Artificer Initiate Able to cast spells. Can only be taken within the first three levels. Your advanced training allows you to craft magic items at a lesser cost.
Attune Magic Item Extraordinary Artisan and caster level 12th. This feat allows you to bond more closely with your personally crafted items, granting them improved saving throws.
Bloodied Frenzy 15 Wisdom or less A Fighter's adrenaline turns into a blood lust in dire situations.
Brew Alchemical Potion Alchemist First Level Grants the user the ability to combine ingredients to form potions that replicate spell effects.
Brew Archpotion Brew Potion, Knowledge (arcana) 16 ranks, Spellcraft 16 ranks You can infuse more than one spell into a potion, but at a greater cost and instability.
Brew Lesser Salve Witch level 4, Dex 12
Brew Minor Salve Witch level 2, Dex 11
Brew Potion Batch Brew Potion, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 16 You can brew several of the same potion at the same time.
Cheap Enhancing Any one Item Creation feat You create magic items on the cheap, including non-masterwork for weapons/armor.
Constroficer Craft Construct Your effective level is 1 higher for the purpose of crafting constructs.
Craft Anywhere Any Item Creation Feat You can craft magic/psionic items in your spare time.
Craft Epic Wand Craft Wand, Knowledge (arcana) 28 ranks, Spellcraft 28 ranks You can craft wands that exceed the normal limits for such items.
Craft Faerie Dust Fey Type, Character Level 4th

The fey is familiar with the secrets of creating faerie dust

Craft Flare Caster level 9th, Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks You can create magical flares, items that hold two spells: an emanation and a targeted spell.
Craft Grenades Brew Potion. You can create explosive items.
Craft Magic Foods Ability to cast spells, Craft (Cuisine) rank 1 You are able to imbue the foods you make with magic.
Craft Magic Tattoo Caster level 9th, Craft (Artist) 5 ranks You can create magical tattoos that duplicate the effects of a single spell.
Craft Magic Tattoo Variant Caster level 9th, Craft (Artist) 5 ranks You can create magical tattoos that duplicate the effects of a single spell.
Craft Magical Image Effective Caster level 5, Craft(Image) ranks 5, Spellcraft ranks 8 Use your knowledge of Spellcraft to create an image; the image

allows you to cast a prechosen spell.

Craft Major Arcana Caster Level 8th, Craft Minor Arcana You can create a major arcana for use with tarot magic.
Craft Mana Crystal Arcane Caster level 5th. You can create a mana crystal.
Craft Minor Arcana Caster Level 1st. You can create a minor arcana for use with tarot magic.
Craft of the Soulstealer Three or more item creation feats, caster level 6. By studying stolen souls, you have learned to fully tap their power for your magical creations.
Craft Personal Focus Knowledge (arcana) 12 ranks, Spellcraft 12 ranks, caster level 1st. You can craft a personal focus which replaces the need for expensive material components.
Craft Primitive Item Caster level 1st, from a primitive society You can now create crude magic items.
Crafting Caster level 2, the character must see no value in material possessions, they must never buy or sell an item or ask someone else to. If this is broken this feat is lost and the character may gain a new one but never regain this. Create rings and wands easier
Create Wondrous Creature Spellcaster or Manifester level 5th, Knowledge (Arcana or Psionics) 5 ranks, Knowledge (Nature) 5 ranks You know how to create Aberrations, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Monstrous Humanoids, and Plant creatures.
Dragoncrafter Knowledge (arcana) 2 Ranks You can make special weapons, armor, and other items using parts of dragons as materials.
Fast Item Creation Ability to cast 4th level spells Spellcasters can create items faster.
Forge Gauntlet Spellcaster level 12, Craft Magic Arms and Armor You can forge magic gauntlets, an alternative to magic rings and rods.
Graft Clockwork Heal 10 ranks, Knowledge Engineering 5 ranks The secret arts of the cyborg are yours, enabling you to make artificial prosthetics and strange mechanical augmentations to the body.
Holy Armor Must worship a Deity with Divine Rank 10+, Strength 20+, Con 20+, Wis 20+, Knowledge Religion 10+ Ranks, Knowledge The Planes 10 Ranks, 3 levels in a religious class By worshiping a Deity of great power some of their Divine power seeps into you
Improved Blood Craft Con 17 Your blood becomes even stronger.
Improved Brew Potion Brew Potion, Craft (alchemy) 8 ranks You can create more powerful potions than other alchemists.
Improved Masterwork Craft 4 ranks. Improved Masterwork allows high DC Craft checks to improve weapons and armors with benefits greater than a simple +1 to attack or a reduction in armor check penalty. Some of the abilities are near magical, but all are ultimately mundane. Below is a list of possible effects, each added effect adds to the traditional DC 20 to create masterwork weapons or armor.
Incise Glyphstone Spellcaster level 1 You can create glyphstones, an alternate single-use spell-completion item.
Initiate Of The Sai'quel Shadowcrafter [1], Willing Deformity BoVD, must be a native of Dreden and a member of the Sai'quel You have been initiated into the fell ranks of the Sai'quel, the dark rulers of Dreden. Through their painful training, you have learned to harness the power of the marsh into your body, empowering your magic items.
Knowledgeable Crafting (D20 Modern Feat)
Magical Contract Scribe Scroll, Craft (scribe) or Forgery 7 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 7 ranks and Spellcraft 4 ranks. Bind anything with an Intelligence higher than 3 to a magical contract.
Make Knick Nack Craft (Knick Nack) 8 ranks, Eijilund Plushie Hum de Dum
Mi-Go Item Creation Can only be taken at first level; Must be a member of The Reserve. You people have assimilated the art of creating Mi-Go Technology into their culture.
Mystic Tattoo Caster level 1st. You are able to artistically scribe a magical tattoo that can later be used to cast a spell.
Oath of Iron Skin Must worship a Deity with Divine Rank 12+, Strength 22+, Con 22+, Wis 22+, Knowledge Religion 14+ Ranks, Knowledge The Planes 12 Ranks, Must have 4 levels in a religious class By taking an oath to the cosmos to take up a cause and follow it to the end
Penetrate Spell Resistance (D20 Modern Feat)
Recharge Item creation feat for the item in question You can recharge your magical items rather than create new ones, and create partially charged items.
Scribe Magic Tattoo Caster Level 3rd Create Magic Tattoos that cast a spell
Scrimshaw Bone You can create scrimshawed bones, an alternate single-use spell-completion item.
Steel Bones Base Fortitude Save +4 Your body has been altered and parts of your physiology have been replaced with artificial prosthetics.
Substitute Focus You may prepare a special focus to substitute for a material component.
Tap Item Any craft permanent item feat such as Craft Rod, Craft Wondrous Item or Forge Ring You may draw upon the power of existing magic items in order to create new ones.
Tap Psionic Item One or more psionic item creation feats You may drain the power of existing psionic items to create new ones.
Toymaker Int 13+, Ability to cast prestidigitation You are adept at creating minor wondrous items
Transference Any item creation feat. Allows a spellcaster to draw from the life force of another while using item creation feats.
Versatile Craftsman Craft (any) 5 ranks; Skill Focus in chosen craft You are skilled at many types of craft.
Weave Seelie Spellknot Spellcaster level 1 You can weave a Seelie Spellknot, an alternate single-use spell-completion item.
Weave Unseelie Spellknot Spellcaster level 1 You can weave Unseelie spellknots, an alternate single-use spell-completion item.
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