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Substitute Focus [Item Creation]

You may prepare a special focus to substitute for a material component.


To create a Substitute Focus, choose a spell that you can cast with a material component. The base price of a Substitute Focus is ten times the normal cost for that material component, or 10gp if that item does not normally have a cost associated with it. Materials to construct the item cost one half the base price, including the actual component that you must supply. The creator must expend XP equal to 1/25th the base price to create the Focus. It takes one day per 1000gp of the base price to craft the Focus. The minimum cost and time to create a Substitute Focus are 5gp, 1 XP and one day. When complete, the substitute focus will not be consumed when used to cast the specific spell for which the focus was created. When using the Substitute Focus, you treat the spell as if that material (M) component was exchanged for a Focus (F) component. If you cast a different spell that uses the same material component, and you use the Substitute Focus in this way, it will be consumed normally, although it will work with metamagic-altered versions of the spell. A Substitute Focus is keyed to only a single spell. Simple Substitute Foci, such as gems, medallions or simple geometric objects, can be attached to or set in larger items, such as art objects or bracers, without disrupting their function. You may create any number of Substitute Foci once you have learned this feat.

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