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Transference [Magical]

Allows a spellcaster to draw from the life force of another while using item creation feats.


Any item creation feat.


While touching another creature or creatures, you may use their XPs to fuel an item creation feat instead of (or in addition to) your own. The creature touched must be a willing subject with a current Intelligence of 3 or greater. If the creature is under the control of any magic (such as a charm spell) the effort will also fail, even if the creature would normally co-operate. You may choose how many XP you wish to contribute and how many the other creature will, but the other creature can choose to donate no more than a certain amount.


Under no circumstances can another creature ever be forced (even through a wish spell) to succumb to the effects of this feat. It must be a voluntary action. This feat may be used as a house rule in some campaigns.

Author: Bradley H. Bemis Jr. © Bradley H. Bemis Jr. 2000   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
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