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Craft Grenades [Item Creation]

You can create explosive items.
Prerequisite: Brew Potion.
Benefit: You can brew area effect spells that deal damage as well as ranged touch spells that deal damage into alchemical flasks that can be thrown to create the spell effect. These flasks are called grenades. Crafting grenades take the same time and cost of crafting a potion. Using a grenade requires a ranged touch attack while wielding the flask. If the grenade contains a ranged touch effect, you must hit the target with it as a normal throwing weapon. A miss causes the spell effect to target the ground which it lands on (which may or may not have any effect). If the grenade contains an area effect spell, you need only make a ranged touch attack against AC3 (the ground's AC), though your range is limited by your throwing weapon distance rather than the spell's range. If you miss, the spell still goes off but may miss the targeted area (landing in the wrong spot as throwing weapons normally do). If you do miss, targets of the effect gain a +4 circumstance bonus to their saving throws against it. If you hit a targeted creature or object directly with a ranged touch attack, then they lose the benefits of Evasion and Improved Evasion (if they have it) against the grenade's effect but otherwise roll their saving throw normally (though this comes with a -4 penalty to the attack roll when using an area effect spell). A grenade flask has a hardness and number of hit points equal to the spell level +1. If a grenade flask shatters without being used as a thrown weapon, it has a 50% chance of setting off its spell (if an area effect) but otherwise merely destroys the item.

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