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Craft Primitive Item [Item Creation][edit]

You can now create crude magic items.
Prerequisite: Caster level 1st, from a primitive society
Benefit: This feat enables a primitive caster to create temporary and one-use magic items. These items do not cost gold as primitive people do not have any gold. Instead, most primitive items require specific ingredients to make them work. Rather than be expensive, these items should be rare or dangerous to obtain. For example, items conferring Strength may require the heart of a brown bear or other fierce animal. Items created are limited to 3rd level spells or below. These items take as long to create as if they were wondrous items.

The primary ingredient for making an item should come from a creature of CR = Spell Level x 2. The magics used to create these items are poorly understood by the primitives. These items lose their potency two weeks after creation. If the creator uses the item and the item is not one use, he can use this feat to maintain the item in working order, allowing the item to last up to one year.

These items have nominal (if any) value.

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