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Magical contract [General][edit]

Bind anything with an Intelligence higher than 3 to a magical contract.
Prerequisite: Scribe Scroll, Craft (scribe) or Forgery 7 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 7 ranks and Spellcraft 4 ranks.
Benefit: The ability to bind anything to a magical contract, so long as the signer signs the contract willingly and not under any magical effects that would alter his judgement (alcoholic effects are still legally binding). There truly is no end to the benefits one can obtain through this feat.
Special: Each contract page has a base cost of 100 gold add to that 50 gold for the magical ink needed. Any contract for ones soul adds 500 more gold to the price.
Example of the cost for a common contract

I own ______'s body, soul and mind.

A simple contract such as this would take up three pages and would cost 950 gold.

Such a contract would make the signer of said contract immune to effects that would alter the contract.


Vorcan the wizard and Togwin the half-halfling half-gnome make a bet for one hundred gold that Togwin can't steal the undergarments right off a noble without being detected. They place this bet in the form of a magical contract. Twenty years later and half a world apart, Togwin manages to steal a pair, and suddenly a hundred gold pops into his bag. On the other side of the world, Vorcan is slightly ticked off at the fact that a hundred gold is now missing.

Mr. Watchtower signs a contract that gives his will to Elizibeth Greenwell. At the point of signing he is immune to all mind altering effects, but he is constantly under the effect of Dominate Person by Elizibeth Greenwell. He is still vulnerable to the effects of spell such as Contagion and Trap the Soul.

Table: Contract cost examples
Type Page Gp Costs
Bet 1
Exchange item 2
Own person 3
Own land 4
Marriage 10
Ink 50
Soul 500

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