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Initiate Of The Sai'quel [Vile,Item Creation][edit]

You have been initiated into the fell ranks of the Sai'quel, the dark rulers of Dreden. Through their painful training, you have learned to harness the power of the marsh into your body, empowering your magic items.
Prerequisite: Shadowcrafter [1], Willing Deformity BoVD, must be a native of Dreden and a member of the Sai'quel
Benefit: You gain a number of benefits according to the items that you craft:
  • If you craft a dark eidolon, you may summon it an additional time per day.
  • If you craft an osseus rune, you gain an additional use of it per day, plus the duration of it is increased by a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier.
  • If you craft a shadow draught, you may use it as a free action, although you still take damage from it.
  • If you craft a shadowscript, you may use it as a standard action.
  • If you craft an umbral essence, you may have a number "active" up to half your Constitution modifier (rounded down, minimum 2).

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