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Brew Alchemical Potion [Item Creation][edit]

Grants the user the ability to combine ingredients to form potions that replicate spell effects.

Prerequisites: Alchemist First Level

Note:In this article the Words Alchemy Points has been replaced by the abreviation AP. All Potions on the list below function as the spell of the same name except effects only those whom drink them or are activated by the breaking of the vial.


The user may use his Alchemy Points in combination with raw ingrediets to create potions that immitate the effects of spells.

Table:Alchemical Potions
Spell Ingredients AP Alchemy Craft DC
Detect Poison The fang of a poisonous animal 2 5
Detect Magic An object that has been touched by a spell caster 2 7
Light A bit of ash 2 5
Acid Bomb A drop of Acid 3 10
Mirror Surface A piece of a reflective object 2 7

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