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Craft Magical Image [Item Creation Feat][edit]

Use your knowledge of Spellcraft to create an image; the image allows you to cast a prechosen spell.
Prerequisite: Effective Caster level 5, Craft(Image) ranks 5, Spellcraft ranks 8
Benefit: You have the ability to scribe the magical images on yourself and others. To create the magical image you must draw or already have an image no smaller than 1 inch square/effective spell level of the spell you will want to cast. You must be able to cast or inbue the approprate spell. To create the magical effects you and the person with the image must partake in a ritual. The ritual takes 4 hours of restful time and items or coin(s) worth the spells level * 100gp.
Special: The spells cast from an image are treated as spell-like abilities. Once the ritual is done roll 1d100+Wis modifier, look for the resalt in the next sentence. Uses/day 01-03; 1, 04-10; 2, 11-24; 3, 25-50; 4, 51-75; 5, 76-83; 6, 84-95; 7, 96-99; 8, 100+; 9

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