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Toymaker [Item Creation][edit]

You are adept at creating minor wondrous items
Prerequisite: Int 13+, Ability to cast prestidigitation
Benefit: You may imbue a nonmagical item weighing no more than 1 pound with a prestidigitation effect. This takes 20 minutes and costs 20 XP in addition to the gold piece cost of the item. The base item need not be of masterwork quality: a plain mundane tool, toy or accessory would suffice. Items made with this feat are not capable of inflicting damage and cannot grant bonuses of any type. No magical backlash occurs if one of these items are broken. On high-magic worlds these minor items might be ubiquitous, being used as toys or useful household articles. Items created by this feat are scarcer on low-magic worlds. The market price of a minor wondrous item is left to the DMs discretion, but will typically be between 10 and 100 gp, or ten times the cost of the base item.
Special: Wizards may select this feat instead of Scribe Scroll at 1st level.

Sample Items[edit]

Here are some examples of common items:

Apprentice's candle: The flame of this small candle burns perfectly, unaffected by air movement or wind and can only be moved or snuffed out by magic or a specific command word. The candle flame can not only be moved around by applying magic, but the color of the flame changes in relation to the school of magic used to do so making the candle a perfect tool to train young magic user's in the basic control needed to use cantrips.
Automatic Whetstone: This small whetstone, when touched to a dull edge and let go, starts sharpening it automatically.
Beauty Soap: This bar of high quality soap is enchanted to remove all body hair below the neck, clean the pores of the skin, and make the skin feel smooth and soft. Used over an extended period this soap can make scars seem to dissapear by slowly repairing the skin though the effect does not extend to removing scar tissue in the muscles.
Box of Tin Soldiers (Attacker): These small tin soldiers stand about four inches tall and are painted with a blue coat. They come in boxes of five soldiers. On command, they can be set to march forward. If one is knocked over, it will cease to function until commanded again. Whenever a red-coated Tin Soldier is within 1 foot of them, they will fire small lead pellets at it to knock it over.
Box of Tin Soldiers (Defender): These small tin soldiers stand about four inches tall and are painted with a red coat. They come in boxes of five soldiers. On command, they can be set to patrol an area up to 1 foot square (such as the perimeter of a toy fort). If one is knocked over, it will cease to function until commanded again. Whenever a blue-coated Tin Soldier is within 1 foot of their patrolled area, they will fire small lead pellets at it to knock it over.
Cleaning Rag: This small patch of rag has been imbued with the power to clean surfaces of dust and light debris on its own. The owner simply says “Clean” and then the name of the object and the rag starts to clean until the item is free of dust and debris.
Comb of Style: When brushed through the users hair it automatically arranges the hair into a hairstyle designated at the time of the comb's creation.
Cooling Glass: This glass cools a liquid placed in it a bit below room temperature, and keeps chilled liquids placed in it cooler longer.
Creepy Doll: This doll's eyes appear to gather the light towards them giving them a disturbing appearance, and when the room is darkened the head will turn to face the nearest living creature within 20 ft that has line of sight to the doll. If the doll is put away inside a box or a bag the doll may move just enough to get out and sit upright in plain sight, but it will only do so if it is not being watched.
Diadem Light: This simple wooden crown emits light equivalent to that created by prestidigitation, with an illumination range of ten feet. Embellished variations can be made of precious metals and decorated with gems and carvings. The light intensity and working depends on the level of the caster and their mastery of prestidigitation.
Flirtatious Mirror: When a creature looks at their reflection in this mirror, the reflection will move on it's own and act in a flirtatious manner: fluttering it's eyelashes, winking, and blowing kisses.
Golden Spindle: This simple wooden spindle takes normal straw and turns it into gold colored yarn.
Hairpin of the Majestic Stance: When affixed appropriately, the wearer of this hairpin can will their hair to wave as if blown in a breeze.
Hairpin of Perfection: When affixed appropriately, the hair of the wearer cannot be soiled or sullied, the hairstyle withstanding even hail and storms.
House Helper: These statuettes, which are no larger than the average nutcracker can be commanded to do one complex domestic task (such as "Rearrange this bookshelf alphabetically", or up to three simple domestic tasks (such as "Put away the dishes"). Created in sets of three, they will work on their tasks until broken or ordered otherwise. If more than one has been delegated with the same task, they will cooperate to complete it.
Indecisive Coin: When thrown, this coin always lands on the edge.
Insect Hunter: This small metal casting of a wasp will, on command, starting hunting any normal insects that are within the bounds of a single building. This item is incapable of hurting anything other than the bugs it is hunting.
Kamasutra Dolls: This set of a male and female doll show certain positions on command, none of them safe to be seen by minors.
Lighter: A fire-producing item that takes the form of a slender item like a wand or staff, engraved with an emblem indicating the direction of the flame. It can be activated with a command word, or have a physical trigger. The flame can ignite combustibles but does not cause damage itself.
Magic Inkpen: A wooden or metal pen that can be refilled simply by shaking it. The ink will vanish after 1 hour. The ink may be of any color, and a single pen might include a variety of colors.
Magic Mortar and Pestle: This animated mortar and pestle set will automatically grind any mineral or vegetable matter to a powder. It can only grind substances of Hardness 2 or less.
Magic Spice Granting (MSG) Frying Pan: This frying pan will bestow delicious tastes on any food cooked with lots of oil at a high heat in it. Rarely, some people are allergic to the magic spice it generates, causing headaches or sneezes.
Massage Stone: This river smoothed, black oblong rock is roughly 3 inches long. When commanded, the stone will begin a relaxing full body massage. The person being massaged can mentally control whether the massage is deep tissue or gentle. The stone can also be mentally ordered to warm to increase the efficacy of the massage.
Clean Feet Mat: This simple square carpet instantly cleans the feet, shoes, and lower legs of anyone who steps on it.
Music Box: This small simple looking box can be used to contain keepsakes. When exposed to nonmagical music the box can be commanded to record the song. The box can only hold one song and can replay the song whenever commanded.
Scribe's Kit: This small box contains several minor items related to scribing: Bottle of everful Gesso, automatic quill cutting knife, silver pen that automatically draws perfectly straight lines on a page of parchment, and a small pouch of drying powder for finishing manuscripts.
Seagull: This small wood carving of a gull has been enchanted with the ability to fly. It will follow the mental commands of the owner and has a range of 100ft.
Selective purse: A strong but simple purse. When you state the amount you need and put it upside down this purse will release the desired amount or come as close as possible to it. If nothing comes out then there isn't enough in it.
Shaving Razor: This wickedly sharp razor is the perfect gift for someone who dislikes having hair. When released near a creature with hair and commanded to 'shave', it whips through the air like a deranged maniac and cuts away all exposed hair in a matter of seconds leaving behind smooth skin without harming the affected creature in the least. Some varieties only affect the beard and mustache area on your typical humanoid.
Stirring Stick: A small glass rod 4”-12” long that, when placed in a container of liquid, will stir until it is taken out.
Trick Cards: This deck of animated playing cards performs a number of tricks on command, such as shuffling, handing itself out to players, or displaying a certain card. Usually, there are a few special tricks only known to the creator.
Warming Mug: This mug warms a liquid placed in it a bit above room temperature, and keeps heated liquids placed in it hotter longer.
Knitting Needles: These knitting needles madly knit or crochet with any yarn nearby. The results are usually plain but occasionally they surprise by producing simple patterns.

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