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Make Knick Nack Craft (Knick Nack) 8 ranks, Eijilund Plushie Make limited use quasimagical and alchemical items. -

Make Knick Nack [Racial, Item Creation]

Hum de Dum
Prerequisite: Craft (Knick Nack) 8 ranks, Eijilund Plushie
Benefit: Twice per day, you may spend 1 hour to craft a Knick Nack. Doing so simply requires a successful Craft (Knick Nack) check, you take a -10 penalty on this check if observed (Even if unknowingly so). You may only have a number of Knick Nacks in existence equal to one-half your hit dice, if you go over this limit, or if you move more than 5 feet away from one, a crafted Knick Nack randomly becomes inert; this does not apply to certain items. If stored inside a Eijilund Plushie with this feat, a Knick Nack is treated as half it's normal size and weight
Table: Knick Nacks
DC Name Type Effect
15 BooGoo Goo +2 bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks
15 BoomGoo Goo +1d6 damage with Go Boom ability
15 BrrrGoo Goo Ignore cold vulnerability.
15 HappyGoo Goo +2 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks, -4 penalty on Intimidate checks.
15 SlippGoo Goo +2 to Escape Artist checks, negate Soggy effect, -4 penalty on all grapple checks.
15 StickyGoo Goo +2 bonus to grapple and Climb checks, -2 penalty on Tumble and Escape Artist checks.
15 Tick Tacks Misc. Caltrops, deal 1 point of Dexterity damage per round.
15 GlowUps Misc. Objects shine like candles.
15 WhamBammer Weapon Masterwork warhammer, dazes enemy for 1d3 round on a successful hit.
15 Chopper Weapon Masterwork greataxe, deals 1 point of Dex damage per hit.
15 SlapIt Weapon Masterwork quarterstaff, deals double damage on a charge or when set against one .
15 GrabbEms Weapon Masterwork armor spikes, may make free disarm against enemy's successful hit.
15 -- -- --.

Knick Nacks

Few creatures who have heard of Plushies know what Knick Nacks are, because the creation is one of the best kept secrets among the plushies. A Knick Nack usually appears as an object haphazardly constructed of bits of trash, including trash from other worlds or even the future. Scholars are unsure as to how exactly Plushies do this, but most believe the proccess uses a type of magical energy similar to the kind that allows fingerless Plushies to manipulate objects. When questioned about it, most Plushies seem to briefly malfunction, falling prone and babbling incoherent words and phrases.


A Goo is an alchemical item much with properties similar to oils. Goos appear as a walnut-sized blob of resinous material, often with multiple colors and small objects floating in it. Applying a Goo is a full-round action. Unlike most Knick Nacks there is no real limit to the amount of Goos you may have in existence at one time, however you may only apply one Goo to your body at once, applying a Goo over another cancels out the effects of both. All Goos have a duration of 2d10 minutes once applied. Using Go Boom immediately ends all effects of Goo.


Weapon Knick Nacks appear to be cobbled together from random bits of trash and held together with string, rubberbands and chewing gum. Knick Nack weapons work a little differently than normal weapons: each weapon may be used to attack (Whether the attack hits or not) a number of times equal to one-half the creator's ranks in Craft (Knick Nack) (Rounded up) before falling apart. Knick Nack weapons deal slashing, piercing And bludgeoning damage instead of the normal type and deal damage as a weapon sized for a medium creature. All Knick Nack weapons may be augumented at no extra cost with the Improved Masterwork feat; they still must add the check modifier. Plushies are not automatically proficent with these weapons.


Glowups: These small objects often appear as marbles or pieces of gemstone or crystal, bound with twine, tape or shoelaces. As a swift action, a Plushie may activate one, causing it to shed light as a candle. GlowUps stay lit for 1d20 days before falling apart. One crafting makes 1d6 GlowUps.

Tick Tacks: These caltrop like items appear to be made from paperclips, barbed wire and/or crushed soda cans. These items act just like caltrops except that in addition to normal damage, Tick Tacks also deal 1 point of Dex damage per round until the effected person receives either the normal Heal check or a healing spell. One crafting makes 1d3 pounds of Tick Tacks.

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