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A Goo is an alchemical item much with properties similar to oils. Goos appear as a walnut-sized blob of resinous material, often with multiple colors and small objects floating in it. Applying a Goo is a full-round action. Unlike most Knick Nacks there is no real limit to the amount of Goos you may have in existence at one time, however you may only apply one Goo to your body at once, applying a Goo over another cancels out the effects of both. All Goos have a duration of 2d10 minutes once applied. Using Go Boom immediately ends all effects of Goo.


Weapon Knick Nacks appear to be cobbled together from random bits of trash and held together with string, rubberbands and chewing gum. Knick Nack weapons work a little differently than normal weapons: each weapon may be used a number of times equal to the creator's ranks in Craft (Knick Nack) before falling apart. Knick Nack weapons deal slashing, piercing And bludgeoning damage instead of the normal type and deal damage as a weapon sized for a medium creature.


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