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Steel Bones [General]

Your body has been altered and parts of your physiology have been replaced with artificial prosthetics.
Prerequisite: Base Fortitude Save +4
Benefit: You gain up to two extra inherent item slots of your choice of a type which you already possess. You may not wear items in these new slots, but instead are considered to be wearing masterwork items in these slots suitable for receiving infusions and enchantments. These phantom items provide no modifiers or advantages to you other than this ability to receive enchantments and infusions, nor do they interfere with your wearing items in the normal slots which you previously had.
Special: You must be assisted by one or more characters with at least 8 ranks in Heal and the Craft Construct item creation feat, who are willing and able to alter you to take this feat. You may fill these requirements yourself, if you are able.

You are always considered to be wearing metal armor for the purposes of druid class restrictions, and the following spells: Heat Metal, Chill Metal, Repel Metal or Stone. Generally, the altered physiology is concealed below the skin of the receiver, but even in the case that it is not these body parts are enchanted such that they are not subject to magical rusting unless physically removed from the rest of the creature's body. You may take this feat multiple times, adding up to two new slots each time. You may only ever benefit from one phantom item of each type. If you take this feat three or more times, you are thereafter considered to have the base creature type [Construct] in addition to what you normally have, for purposes of the effects of spells, spell-like abilities, and extraordinary abilities, though this gives you none of the actual traits of being a construct.

As an additional effect, when you select his feat you gain the effects of the Fortification armor augmentation from the DMG, and you increase your base weight by the same amount. This Fortification effect is considered an extraordinary ability. Multiple selections of this feat are added together for total effect on weight and critical strike negation. See the following table for the percentage of Fortification and weight increase, and for which items are suitable and take up which slot. The requisite XP cost of the crafting is always detracted from the receiving characters XP total, not the crafters.

Body Part Altered/Augmented Suitable Item Enchantments Weight and Fortification GP/XP Cost
Skull Crown Hat, Headband, Helmet, Phylactery +8% 8,000 GP/160 XP
Face Eye Lenses, Goggles, Mask +2% 5,000 GP/100 XP
Throat Amulet, Brooch, Choker, Medallion, Necklace, Periapt, Scarab +5% 10,000 GP/150 XP
Shoulders, Scapula, and Spine Cape, Cloak, Mantle, Wings +8% 8,000 GP/160 XP
Ribs Shirt, Vest, Vestment +5% 5,000 GP/100 XP
Major Skeleton Detail Armor, Robe +15% 18,000 GP/250 XP
Forearms Bracelets, Bracers +5% 8,000 GP/160 XP
Palms Gauntlets, Gloves +2% 5,000 GP/120 XP
Knuckle Bone* Ring, Signet +1% 12,000 GP/180 XP
Hips, and Core Muscles or Solar Plexus Belt, Girdle, Sash +8% 8,000 GP/150 XP
Ankles, Feet, and Shins Anklets, Boots +8% 5,000 GP/100 XP
*You may take this augmentation twice.

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