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Tap Psionic Item [Psionic]

You may drain the power of existing psionic items to create new ones.
Prerequisite: One or more psionic item creation feats
Benefit: When creating a new psionic item you may draw up to half of the XP cost from existing psionic items, destroying them in the process. The amount of XP that can be drawn from psionic items is at most half of what it would have cost to create them originally. For charged items reduce the amount of XP available in proportion to the number of charges used. The items tapped cannot be cursed or minor/major artifacts.

Psikux wants to create a Skin of Striking, which has a base cost of 24000 gp and hence 960 XP (1/25th the base cost). This feat allows Psikux to drain existing items for up to 480 XP to power this. He has a Dorje of Mass Concussion, which has a base cost of 21000 gp and 840 XP to make, so draining this would normally net Psikux 420 XP. However, it only has 25 charges, so provides 210 XP, leaving 270 XP more Psikux can draw. Psikux decides to tap his 6th level Crystal Anchor as well – with a base of 16400 gp and thus 656 XP Psikux could normally pull 328 XP out of it, but he can only make use of 270 XP, so 58 XP "worth" of power goes to waste. After tapping (and thus destroying) these two items Psikux only has to pay 480 XP, in addition to the 12000 gp base creation cost.


In worlds where the standard psionics-magic transparency rule is used, psionic items could be drained to help produce new magic items and vice versa, at the DM's option. This feat was adapted from Tap Item by Michael J. Kletch

Author: Peter K. Campbell © Peter K. Campbell 2002   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
NBoF Balance Rating (0 to 5 Scale)
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4.47 4.33 4.67 4.67 4.33 4.33

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