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Psionic Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Additional Psionic Discipline Ability to use psionic powers Your psionic abilities cover far more than the normal psions.
Area Power Resistance Innate Power Resistance 10 The creature's Power Resistance (PR) can negate area-effect psionic powers.
Assess The Foe Telepathy
Astral Exosuit Know astral construct power. You can wear an astral construct as if it were a second skin.
Awaken Dead Gift of Life, Power level of 3
Boost Metabolism Psychic Healing
Boosted Fortitude Great Fortitude
Boosted Reflexes Lightning Reflexes
Boosted Will Iron Will
Channel Psionic Touch Manifester level 1st You can channel your psionic touch powers through a held melee weapon.
Channeled Resistance Innate Spell Resistance 10 or Innate Power Resistance 10 The creature can protect other beings that it touches with its Spell Resistance (SR) or Power Resistance (PR).
Clairvoyance Wis 13
Clarity of Vision
Cloak the Mind Resilient Mind
Combat Sense Combat Reflexes
Contact Other Plane
Controlled Fall Psychokinesis
Crystal Psiweapon Manifester level 1st You can implant a personality fragment in a psionic weapon.
Cure/Inflict Wounds
Damage Decrease
Devil Buster lv15 Unleash The True Power Of The Devil Bringer.
Discover Psionic Power Through introspection, meditation and training you are able to learn additional psionic powers.
Divine Mind Must have a minimum of 3 psionic base class levels in one class and 3 minimum divine base class levels in one class. The powers of the mind and divine combined.
Divine Philosophy Any other Exalted Feat, Psionic Ability, Good alignment Your mind has reached a state of enlightenment, in which you realize that religion, morality, and sentience are truly the same thing.
Empower Psychic Strike Psychic Strike class ability You can channel more power into your Psychic Strike attacks.
Enduring Psionics Extend Power Your psionic powers last longer than normal.
Energy Barrier
Energy Ray Mastery Energy Ray, manifester level 3rd You can shoot energy rays efficiently without expending to much of your power.
Enhance Psicrystal Psicrystal Affinity You can improve your psicrystal.
Enhanced Psi-Like Abilities Cha 13, racial psi-like abilities Your racial psi-like abilities have more effect than normal for your race.
Establish Estate Witch level 18; Wis 17; Cha 15; Spellcraft 12 ranks; Profession (village witch) 16 ranks; Psicraft 8 ranks Marks out an area of land as falling under your power.
Ever-Ready Shield Extend Power You prepare a defense against the unknown.
Explosive Construct Manifester level 9th, able to cast Astral Construct power, Boost Construct Allow your astral construct to explode instead of disappearing.
Familiar Bond
Focused Psionic Power Choose one psionic discipline. Your powers from this discipline are more potent and capable of piercing spell resistance more easily than normal.
Gain New Mindblade Form WIS 13+, mind blade class ability, see below Gain one or more mindblade forms by class/race or with practice with your mindblade ability
Gift of Life Cure/Inflict Wounds, Damage Reduction
Humanities Spark Substitute for Human 1st level bonus feat, ability to become Psionically focused The Human Spirit sustains your body channeling your Psionic Focus into the will to fight on
Impromptu Dispelling
Impromptu Metamagic any metamagic Feat
Improved Crystal Psiweapon Crystal Psiweapon You can improve your crystal psiweapon.
Improved Mental Leap Mental Leap, Str 13, Jump 5 ranks Your psionically enhanced leaps pass the limits for normal jumps.
Improved Psychokinesis Psychokinesis, Charisma 15 You have an increased familiarity with the physical power of your mind, allowing you to use it more effectively, and in a variety of new ways.
Improved Shape Mind Blade Soulknife level 5th Add more weapon shapes to your mind blade
Induce Fear Telepathy
Inertial Field Wis 19+, 1+ Power Point, Concentration 5+ The power of your inner psychic energy creates a field that dampens incoming attacks.
Inertial Shot Psionic Shot, Base Attack Bonus +4 You can focus your mental energy into a projectile or thrown weapon to increase its damage potential by increasing the force it releases on impact.
Inertial Slash Run, Fast Movement Ability from Any Class, Base Speed of 60 ft., Weapon Focus (Any), Dexterity or Strength of 15, Must have Psionic Focus. An attack for those with "Flash" like movement speed.
Instant Empower Power Any other metapsionic feat You can increase the energy output of your powers in an instant.
Instant Extend Power Any other metapsionic feat You can increase the duration of your powers in an instant.
Instant Maximize Power Any other metapsionic feat You can manifest powers for maximum effect in an instant.
Instant Quicken Power Quicken Power, Instant Empower Power, Instant Extend Power, Instant Maximize Power You can manifest powers in an instant, not wasting your attention on them.
Instant Widen Power Any other metapsionic feat You can increase the area of effect of your powers in an instant.
Intensify Power Empower Power, Maximize Power, Psicraft 30 ranks, ability to manifest 9th level powers. Combines the effect of Empower Power and Maximize Power to maximize and double a power's potency.
Inward Focus
Killer Instinct
Kinetic Shield Psychokinesis
Large Brain Intelligence 19, and your race must have innate psionic abilities.
Layered Psionic Defense Manifester level 3rd You are able to mount a potent psychic defense.
Magical Strike Psychomagic
Mental Savant Ability to manifest 1st level powers, Int/Cha 13, Autohypnosis 4 ranks. You can make one power harder to counter.
Metacreative Crafting Any psionic item creation feat You supplement your craft with psionic inspiration.
Mind Armor Wis 19+, Autohypnosis 5+ The power of your inner focus aids in your defense.
Mind Leech Ability to manifest mind trap and power leach. You can drain power points from psionic intruders.
Mind of Power Telepathy You gain increased mental capacity at the expense of your physical health.
Mind Shield Heavy Shield proficiency, ability to create a mind blade, Base attack bonus +1. Using the same method as with your mind blade, you create a sheet of psionic semi-solid energy that functions as a heavy shield.
Mindspeak Naturally Psionic racial ability Your racial psionic aptitude allows you to communicate through mental contact.
Mirror Mind Manifester level 5th Also known as psionic reflection, this feat allows you to reflect psionic attacks directed against you.
Multifocus Epic Psionic Focus, Psionic Meditation, Concentration 24 Ranks, Character level 21st, ability to manifest powers of the normal maximum power level in at least one psionic class You can use and regain your psionic focus quickly enough to use it multiple times.
Multipower Quicken Power, ability to manifest 9th-level powers. The ability to manifest an additional quickened power in a round.
On Fire Charisma 13+ When you do something particularly amazing, your confidence manifests itself as bright flames.
Open Hand, Focused Mind Str 13 With your psionic ability you are a deadly opponent in unarmed combat.
Power Casting Ability to cast fourth level spells (divine or arcane), Ability to manifest fourth level powers. Cast Spells using Psionic Power Points
Power Mastery Psionic Meditation, manifester level 6+ You are a master of what others call lesser powers.
Power of Command Leadership, Telepathy
Power Psicrystal Psicrystal Affinity, Ability to manifest 3rd level psionic powers You can charge your psicrystal with power points and use it as a cognizance crystal.
Powercast Psychomagic
Powerturn Psychomagic, Turn/Rebuke Undead (or similar ability)
Precognition Clairvoyance
Preserve Scroll Scribe Scroll, Spell Recovery
Prophecy Precognition
Psionic Combat Focus Wis 13, Combat Focus, ability to manifest powers Combat Focus and Psionic Focus become one.
Psionic Deflection Dex 13, Weapon Focus, Armed Deflect Arrows Your precognition allows you to deflect magical rays and certain special projectiles in addition to ordinary ranged attacks.
Psionic Far Shot Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Psionic Shot, Base Attack Bonus +9 You can use your latent psionic energy to reduce environmental effects on your projectiles that would hamper their effectiveness.
Psionic Initiative Improved Initiative, Base attack bonus +1 You receive flashes of insight that enable you to react instantly.
Psionic Multifist Str 13, Psionic Fist, Base attack bonus +3 You can charge multiple unarmed strikes with psionic power
Psionic Multishot Str 13, Point Blank Shot, Psionic Shot, Base attack bonus +3 You can charge multiple ranged attacks with psionic power
Psionic Multiweapon Str 13, Power Attack, Psionic Weapon, Base attack bonus +3 You can your weapon with psionic power usable on multiple attacks.
Psionic Rejuvenation Con 13 You can rapidly heal wounds that strike at the core of your being.
Psionic Strike Str 13, Psionic Fist, Reserve power points 1 With your psionic ability you are a deadly opponent in unarmed combat.
Psionic/Arcane Discovery Expanded Knowledge, Must be able to use 2nd level powers Through diligent study and flawless searching through ones mind, you have learned how to use a wizards mighty spell with your mind.
Psychic Healing The Gift, Wisdom 13
Psychic Sense Wis 13 Your psychic senses allow you to intuitively sense the presence of danger.
Psychokinesis The Gift, Intelligence 13
Psychomagic The Gift, Intelligence 13, ability to cast 2nd level spells
Psychotic Mind Base will save +3, con 10 Sometimes the mind just...snaps and it takes the body with it.

Purge Metabolism Psychic Healing
Pyrokinesis Psychokinesis
Quiet Whisper of the Mind Cha 13 You can telepathically communicate with other intelligent beings.
Read Minds Telepathy
Remote Sensing Clairvoyance
Resilient Mind Telepathy
Scrying Clairvoyance
Seekersense Clairvoyance
Self-Propulsion Int 13, The Gift, Psychokinesis
Shatter Psychokinesis
Slipstream Shot Fell Shot, Psionic Shot, Base Attack Bonus +8 You can charge a projectile or thrown weapon to ignore many types of impediments.
Soft Bones Psionic level 2 Your bones are psionically hardened when you want them to be, requiring a swift action to harden them
Spell Recovery Psychomagic <!-A short summary of the feat->
Spell Resistance
Stable Focus Ability to gain a psionic focus. You are always considered psionically focused for a psionic feat.
Synchronous Item Any Psionic Item Creation feat You may create items that benefit from your power but only function for you.
Talented, Variant Power point reserve, Overchannel feat or Wild Surge or Chaotic Surge class ability You can use Wild Surge or Overchannel to enhance a weak power without incurring the regular penalties.
Tap Psionic Item One or more psionic item creation feats You may drain the power of existing psionic items to create new ones.
Telepathic Communication Read Minds
Telepathy The Gift, Cha 13
The Gift
Third Eye Wis 13 You have a psionic third eye that enables you to pierce illusions and identify psionic powers and effects.
Thundering Power None You can add a thunderclap to your electrical powers.
Total Recall None. You can recall what was forgotten, and improve the Call to Mind power.
Truth of Magic Caster level 21+, Spellcraft 24 ranks. You have learned to manipulate spells beyond their normal capacity, they are now bound by your power, not you theirs.
Unarmed Mind Blade Ability to generate a mind blade, shape mind blade class feature. When you reshape your mind blade, you can change it into a faintly glowing aura that augments your unarmed strikes with the abilities of your mind blade.
Uncanny Knowledge Clairvoyance
Vampire Mind Cha 13, Base Will save +3 You can insidiously drain power points from opposing minds on a successful psionic attack.
Vigilant Psychic Defender Ability to manifest empty mind, intellect fortress, Mental barrier', thought shield or tower of iron will You are adept at defending yourself with your psionic powers.
Vitality Psychic Healing
Way of the Gargoyle Combat Reflexes You have mastered the art of combat in alternate forms.
Wild Psionics Ability to manifest level 5 powers. You can force your psionics to go wild.
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