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Gain New Mindblade Form [Psionic][edit]

Gain one or more mindblade forms by class/race or with practice with your mindblade ability
Prerequisite: WIS 13+, mind blade class ability, see below
Benefit: By class/race: Choose up to 2 weapons you are proficient with. You can now form mindblades from them. The new forms are of your size and act in all other ways as the weapon formed(damage, critical, etc.). As an option, you may gain a mindblade form of one size larger(or smaller) than normal. However, you must first have your standard size to form from.

By practice/training with mindblade ability: Choose any one weapon to become a new mindblade form. The new mindblade is always of your size and acts in all other ways as the weapon formed(damage, critical, etc.). If the weapon chosen as an exotic weapon, you must have one of the following before you can take it: BAB 1+, INT 13+, or WIS 14+. Gaining a mindblade in this fashion does not grant you proficiency in the physical form.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time gaining new mindblade form(s). DMs may wish to change/adjust the shape mind blade class feature(soulknife 5) with this feat since it can be taken at 1st level.

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