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Psychotic Mind [Psionic][edit]

Sometimes the mind just...snaps and it takes the body with it.

Prerequisite: Base will save +3, con 10, Overchannel

Benefit: Your manifester level no longer determines how many points you may spend on an ability. Instead, if you would spend more than your manifesters level in points you take one point of damager for each additional point spent. This cannot reduce your hp below 0. This does not increase the manifester level of the ability.

Normal: Your manifester level is determined the maximum amount of points you may spend on an ability.

Special: At level 10 you may also take ability damage as threw ability burn. The ability damaged is determind by a d6 roll. 1. Strength 2. Dexterity 3. Constitution 4. Intelligence 5. Wisdom 6. Charisma. You may chose not to use this effect.

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