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Metacreative Crafting [Psionic][edit]

You supplement your craft with psionic inspiration.
Prerequisite: Any psionic item creation feat
Benefit: As long as you are psionically focused you can create psionic items as if your effective manifester level were one less than your actual level (minimum 1st level). You must still be high enough level to manifest the power in question. You can choose to use or not to use this feat on each new psionic item you create.

Example: When scribing a psionic tattoo holding a 2nd-level power, treat the minimum manifester level as 3rd level, not 4th level (though you must actually be 4th level to create the item). This translates into a base price of 300 gp, not 400 gp. Your cost to create the item and XP cost are based on the modified base price of 300 gp.

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