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Inertial Slash [Combat, Psionic]

An attack for those with "Flash" like movement speed.
Prerequisite: Run, Fast Movement Ability from Any Class, Base Speed of 60 ft., Weapon Focus (Any), Dexterity or Strength of 15, Must have Psionic Focus.
Benefit: When using the Full Run action, you build up Psionic Inertia. After making a full running movement, and at the cost of your Psionic Focus; you may make a melee attack with a weapon you have Focus with, on an enemy you threaten at the end of the movement. On a successful hit, you add 1d6 bonus damage for every 10 ft. you traveled while running, beyond the first 10 ft. (Example: Using a full round to run 60 ft., you trigger Inertial Slash. On a successful hit, add 5d6 bonus damage to the attack damage.)

If an attack, ability, power, etc., interrupts your run movement any time during the round you attempt to use this Feat, Psionic Inertia is lost and the attack automatically fails. Additionally, if conditions for Skirmish or Sneak attack damage are met, this additional bonus damage can be applied to the attack.


For each additional 5 Power Points added into the attack, raised the bonus damage hit die of the attack. Thus 1d6 -> 1d8, 1d8 -> 1d10 and 1d10 -> 1d12, with 1d12 being the max. Additionally, at the cost of 20 Power Points, spend one additional round running before the attack, adding the total distance, minus 10 ft., to the bonus attack damage. Can't be interrupted during either round of running or Psionic Inertia is lost and the Augmented Slash can't be trigger. (For use in Psionic Campaigns.)

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