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Truth of Magic [General, Epic][edit]

You have learned to manipulate spells beyond their normal capacity, they are now bound by your power, not you theirs.
Prerequisite: Caster level 21+, Spellcraft 24 ranks.
Benefit: Any spell that normally has a limit to it's increase in power no longer has that limit. The spells increase in power after it's stated limit continues to increase at a slower rate. Decrease the progression rate by 1 CL & remove the maximum limit. For example. A 21st level wizard casts a fireball without this feat, it would do 10d6 damage. The same wizard with this feat would do 15d6 damage with the same spell. At 10th level Fireball reaches it's maximum from 1d6/CL maximum 10d6. You retain the 10d6 & continue to increase the Fireballs power by 1d6/2 CL after the maximum is reached.
Normal: Spells reach a maximum capacity.
Special: This feat only applies to spells with both a progression in ability & a maximum capacity. This feat can equally apply to Psionics, just change the Spellcraft requirement to Psicraft.

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