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Establish Estate [Special]

Marks out an area of land as falling under your power.
Prerequisite: Witch level 18; Wis 17; Cha 15; Spellcraft 12 ranks; Profession (village witch) 16 ranks; Psicraft 8 ranks, Spirit Bond
Benefit: Marks out an area of land as falling under your power. This is done by placing a witchglyph at the center of the lowest level of your bondmate's tower. The estate can be enlarged once established by placing further witchglyphs within the border of the estate. The area covered by the estate is determined by the power of the controlling witchglyph(s). While you are within the borders of your estate(s), you gain additional power points per day, along with bonuses to Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), Spellcraft, Profession (village witch), and Psicraft. The exact bonuses are determined by the strength of the witchglyphs controlling the estate(s). The extra power points are lost as soon as you step over a border.
Special: Prerequisite for the witch lady.

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