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Synchronous Item [Psionic][edit]

You may create items that benefit from your power but only function for you.
Prerequisite: Any Psionic Item Creation feat
Benefit: A psionic item created by the character with this feat can be made as a synchronous item. In this case the creator can use the minimum manifester level required to create the item, but the item will work only for its creator. If somebody other than the item’s creator attempts to use it, the item is completely inert. The benefit is that the item uses the manifester level of the wielder and the wielder's primary manifesting ability score to determine the save DCs and other effects of the resulting effect. A synchronous item also costs 1 xp less than normal to create (this could potentially reduce an XP cost to 0 but never less than 0).
Special: While this feat is psionic, a magical version can be taken for spellcasters.

Example: If Demnok (10th level Psion (Shaper) with 20 intelligence) makes a synchronous Dorje of Mind Thrust, he can set it's manifester level to be 1st level. Therefore it costs him (750*1*1)/2 = 375 gp to create it and (750/25) - 1 = 29 XP to create it. However when he uses it, he can use it as though the manifester level was 10th instead of 1st (meaning it deals 10d10 on a failed save instead of 1d10) and he can take advantage of his +5 intelligence modifier to make the save DC for the power 10 + 1 + 5 = 16 instead of 10 + 1 + 0 = 11.

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