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Multifocus [Psionic]

You can use and regain your psionic focus quickly enough to use it multiple times.
Prerequisite: Epic Psionic Focus, Psionic Meditation, Concentration 24 Ranks, Character level 21st, ability to manifest powers of the normal maximum power level in at least one psionic class
Benefit: When you expend your psionic focus you may make a DC 25 Concentration check to instantly regain psionic focus. You may regain your psionic focus multiple times in a round but for each time past the first the DC for the Concentration check increases by 10 for each time thereafter.
Special: You must have taken Epic Psionic Focus once for each time you wish to regain psionic focus in a round. This feat can be used in conjunction with Epic Psionic Focus.

Example: Rathe is a 30th level Psion (Telepath) who has taken Epic Psionic Focus twice (at 21st and 23rd level) and Multifocus (at 24th level). Rathe expends his psionic focus to quicken, twin, and maximize a power he manifests. He then uses his Multifocus feat by succeeding on a DC 25 Concentration check to regain his psionic focus to make use of his Mental Leap feat. Rathe uses his Multifocus feat again by succeeding on a DC 35 Concentration check to regain focus so he can maximize, twin, and empower another power he uses. If Rathe had not chosen to expend his psionic focus on the second power after he had regained it with the DC 35 Concentration check he could benefit from his Speed Of Thought feat on his next turn because he would have psionic focus.

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