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Divine Philosophy [Exalted, Psionic][edit]

Your mind has reached a state of enlightenment, in which you realize that religion, morality, and sentience are truly the same thing.
Prerequisite: Any other Exalted Feat, Psionic Ability, Good alignment
Benefit: By following the highest moral standard, and reaching an understanding of the universe rare among mortals, you have realized that your mind and your soul are one. All psionic feats are now also exalted feats and psionic abilities are subject to the same benefits and restrictions of exalted feats. You also receive a +2 bonus to knowledge (religion) checks
Special: A character who willingly and willfully commits an evil act loses all benefits from all his exalted feats. With this feat, a character will also lose all psionic abilities and feats. This is mostly meant for characters who earn bonus exalted feats, through a vow of poverty or prestige class.

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