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Craft Personal Focus [Item Creation][edit]

You can craft a personal focus which replaces the need for expensive material components.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcana) 12 ranks, Spellcraft 12 ranks, caster level 1st.
Benefit: You can craft a personal focus.
A personal focus replaces any need for a focus, material component, or expensive material component equal to its market value or less, and you can determine the market value of the focus at the time of its creation. For example, if you craft a personal focus worth 5,000gp (costing 2,500gp and 200xp to craft, plus the cost of whatever form the focus takes), it can be used in the place of any focus or material components your spells require up to 5,000gp. You must use the spells limited wish and locate object in the creation of your personal focus, either by casting them yourself, hiring someone else to cast them, or using a scroll.
If using your personal focus in place of a material component, the personal focus is not consumed upon completion of the spell. The personal focus is an active magic item and behaves appropriately in any situation where that nature may come into play, such as entering an antimagic field or being targeted by dispel magic.
Your personal focus is protected by your saving throws, spell resistance, and other similar traits even when not in your direct possession, and you always know its general direction and condition regardless of distance or what plane it is currently on. Only divine intervention can interrupt this extraordinary sense.
Special: Your personal focus can also be a magic item, such as a magic ring, staff, or rod. In such a case, simply add the market price of both the magic item and your personal focus together and use that total to determine the cost to craft the item. You must have the appropriate item creation feat in order to create such a personal focus, however.

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