Wra'sh Necromancer (3.5e Feat)

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Wras'sh Necromancer [Regional]

Your mastery of the dark art and your tutelage in Wra'sh granted you very powerful dark powers.
Prerequisite: Wra'sh Blood feat, Dark Wood Walker, Apprentice Necromancer feat
Benefit: You also gain the following abilities.
  • You may cast all Necromancy spells at a +4 Caster in the boundaries of Wra'sh.
  • May spontaneously Convert any spells already prepared in a Necromancy spells written in your spellbook.
  • You learn an additional spell each levels, this spell must be of the Necromancy School.
  • All undead you summon or raise get a +4 Enhancement to Strength and +1 Hit Point per level, as long as it was raised in Wras'sh.

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