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Mercantile Background [General, Regional]

You come from a wealthy family with numerous contacts in the trading coasts and craft guilds of Tirr's bustling cities. You can get a good deal on almost anything you buy or sell.
Prerequisite: Must be part of a wealthy merchant family, and must be an active member of that family in good standing.
Benefit: When you sell weapons, magic items, or other adventuring goods, you get 75% of the list price rather than 50%. Once per month, you can buy any single item at 75% of the offered price. You also receive and extra 300 gold to spend as you see fit during character creation.

"Mercantilism is what keeps the world spinning" is a famous phrase attributed to Vault, the God of Commerce, and there are many who embrace such an idea; Some even manage to succeed, becoming great and powerful influences on the markets that they tap. These individuals often have families of their own, and teach their trade to their sons and daughters, marking the beginnings of generations-deep merchant families that continue to work the market for profit.

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