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Nomadic Trekker [General, Regional]

You are particularly efficient at overland movement across the great grasslands.
Prerequisite: Must be an elf from Volare. Alternatively, must be a Kerani or Thri-Kreen.
Benefit: You can move overland across trackless plains at normal speed. You gain a +4 bonus on CON checks required for forced marches across plains. Up to one ally per character level can also gain these benefits while traveling with you.

Few races in Tirr have come to eschew the comfort of settling down into a town or city, and living in an agriculturally-centered lifestyle; Those that have, still live among the wilds in earthen huts and move across vast plains and expanses in their daily routines. While some can live both lives, most tend to resort to one or the other, with those who choose the latter becoming capable of long-distance travel at higher speed and capability, due to their physical conditioning.

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