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Dauntless [General, Regional]

Your people have been put to the test generation after generation, and keep on persevering.
Prerequisite: Must be a Dwarf from Kerrigan or a member of any race from Lionel, the Ashen Coast or Sol. Alternatively, must be a Earth Genasi or Kaori.
Benefit: You gain +5 hit points immediately, and +1 hit point per level. This will stack with Toughness and similar feats.

Some races have persevered through hardships that might otherwise have deterred or conquered others. The dwarves of Kerrigan have been all but wiped out in the world, and largely defend their last remaining nation from their aggressive neighbors. Sol, the Ashen Coast, and Lionel are also hostile environments for many, with the hot desert and volcanic activity of the former two, and the slow-but-sure advance of the infamous dead marshes in the latter.

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