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Blooded [General, Regional]

You know what it means to fight for your life, and you understand the value of quick wits and quicker reactions when blades are bared and deadly spells are chanted.
Prerequisite: Must be a dwarf from Kerrigan, or an Humans or Half-Elves from Volare or Silverfell. Alternatively, must be an Dragonkin, or a Half-Giant, or a Coug'r.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, and all Spot checks. You cannot become shaken, and you ignore the effects of the Shaken condition. However, you can still be Frightened or Panicked.

Very few peoples live in constant fear for their lives under the looming threat of war, and the nasty things it tends to visit upon civilians. dwarves who live in northern Kerrigan always have the threat of Indi raiding parties coming across the disputed border, and thus are typically always ready to leap to their feet. Similarly, Humans and Half-Elves who live in Volare or Silverfell are used to dealing with animosity from their elven neighbors, who often have supremacist views and can get quite violent. Other races, such as the Dragonkin, Half-Giants, and Coug'r simply expect altercations to boil down into violence, or actively perpetuate it, and thus become quick to react.

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