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7th-Level Spells Summary
Accelerating Sphere
Animal Madness Make animals go mad
Animate Breath Give your breath weapon life
Animate Plants You imbue plants with mobility and a semblance of life.
Apostle's Black Flame Ritual A ritual developed by the Godskin Apostles to kill gods.
Balor's Wrath Conjure forth instruments of the Balor's wrath.
Bind Lesser Being Assume absolute control over a weaker entity.
Breath of Malice Your jaw opens before a gigantic, glowing cone of malice—pure hatred in a physical form—blasts into what lays before you.
Cacophonic Shield Shield yourself from sound and your enemies using magical sound
Call Guardian You summon a creature which guards a limited area for a year and a day.
Changestaff You plant a specially prepared staff in the ground and cause it to animate into a mighty tree-like creature.
Circle of Rmatos Advanced Protection Magic created by and for Demigods
Conceive Humanoid procreation spell, warning: 18+ content
Conjure Greater Elemental Summon a greater elemental
Conjure Greater Explosive An improved version of Conjure Explosive.
Conjure the Crimson Claws of Night You conjure a pair of claws from a plane of darkness.
Control Undead A powerful spell that controls undead.
Create Elemental Undead Calls forth a creature of undead might and elemental power.
Create Major Helm You touch a Chair or similar object, creating a temporary Major Helm.
Crucify Two planks magically form a cross and nail any victim onto it.
Cubes from God Create and fling a large cube of solid metal.
Danmaku Basically every top-down shoot-em-up ever.
Dark Abyss A pit of eternal darkness from which there is no escape, filled to the brim with the influence of evil.
Dark Soul You subtly manipulate the targets shadow, changing its personality
Deathly Polymorph Transform yourself into an undead creature.
Delayed Blast Time Bomb A beam of white light flashes from your pointing finger, then slowly goes away as a small bead floating in the air up to 5ft or on the ground
Demiplane Portal You create a portal to a demiplane in range.
Dendromorph You attempt to transform a creature into a tree for an indefinite amount of time.
Dimensional Lock Prevent any travel between different dimensions.
Elemental Storm You merge the energies you're most familiar with and create a tornado of power which you launch at your enemies.
Elfin Wave A wave, tipped with shapes sweeps forward and pushes back enemies
Ensemble of Elegance Invigorating music fills a 30-foot radius around you for the duration, granting supernatural speed and focus.
Ephemeral Image You create a shadow of yourself
Everlasting Poison Produce a horrible substance which can kill any target, given enough time.
Extrasensory Strike Assault the minds of creatures within 30 feet of you.
Fantastic Arcane Contraption You conjure a strange but useful machine.
Fire Tornado You create a swirling large tornado of fire around you.
Flatten Target Turn other creatures and objects into paintings
Foreseeing Shield Look to the future, and foretell one's harm, and ultimately deny it.
Form of Sea, Air, and Land You touch a willing creature, granting it the ability to travel at a high speed through any environment.
Foul Form You take on the appearance and some of the qualities of an undead.
Generic Off-the-Shelf Multipurpose Power Blast Spell You conjure a versatile blast of magical power.
Golden Experience Golden Experience! A spell that causes life energy to overwhelm your target's senses.
Golem Cause the earth itself to sprout legs and obey your command.
Gorgon's Glare You create a horrifying illusion, changing your face to that of a horrifying monster.
Greater Geas You place a magical command on up to 6 creatures within range that are currently facing you.
Greater Harmfield You are surrounded by rings of light which disrupt the life force of whatever touches them. Your enemies are magnetically pulled into them.
Grove Enroot Casting this spell, will turn a group of enemies into a grove of trees.
Harrowing Insanity You cause a creature to see horrifying visions in everything.
Hart's Incredibly Hot Lightning Laser A beam of blue lightning streaks out from you and towards your enemies.
Healing Flame
Hive Leech Take the life from your foes with insects.
Illusoid You create a semi-real illusion.
Immortality The flaws of mortality are no longer your concern.
Indestructible Form You become an indestructible statue.
Infernal Binding You summon and bind a devil.
Instant Dash You instantaneously go for a little walk.
Instant Strike You instantaneously deal damage.
Last Laugh Your enemy dies of its own laughter.
Lucid Control You force yourself to fall into a dreamlike trance for the duration, allowing the barrier between the sleeping and waking worlds to become blurred.
Mad Winds of Pandemonium Summon the howling winds from another plane to disorient your enemies.
Magia Erebra The supreme armament an ancient vampire created when she was still weak to become powerful.
Magic Missile Massacre Massacre everything with more magic missiles than you can count!
Major Mark Sigils appear to bolster a target creature in one of several ways.
Mass Death Ward You grant several creatures a measure of protection against death.
Mass Life Fades The chill of the Plane of Shadows seeps into an area.
Mergewall A creature you target is turned into a painted version of itself.
Merruns Perfect Lock Save storing of objects.
Metal to Wood Everything made out of metal around you is turned into wood.
Mind Control This spell allows the user to take complete mind control over a entity at your own risk.
Minor Wish You make a minor wish to obtain one of the wish spell's effects, except weaker.
Moat of Lava This spell creates a moat of lava around yourself.
Moody Blues A retro-cognition spell that allows one to see a replay of past events.
Murakumo Create a spirit blade and strike with the power to break anyone.
Oblivion Wave
Perfect Illusory Self Create a perfect illusory copy of a creature.
Pillar of Flame An explosion of flame erupts vertically from a point you choose in range.
Poison Matrix You fill a cube-shaped area with poison.
Power Word Buzzkill Stop joking around. Now.
Power Word Pacify You utter a word of power that can compel one creature that you can see within range to immediately cease hostile actions.
Power Word Sit Your commanding voice forces a creature to take a seat.
Prison of Night You create of cold prison of darkness around your target
Rejuvenating Light Conjure a healing light to help living creatures and harm the undead
Repulsion Prevent creatures from entering your sphere of influence.
Restore/Bind Soul You bind or restore the soul of a creature of your choice.
Resurrect Skeleton You touch the skeleton of a dead creature that has been dead for no more than a century, that didn't die of old age. If its soul is free and willing, the creature returns to life with all its HP.
Searing Sun Fire Burst You create a large burst of orange fiery light that targets enemies in a cone
Shadow Duel For when you want to fight one-on-one or in a group with no outside interference.
Shattering Threads Rip at the strings of time.
Slow Time Slow down the flow of time for a little bit.
Soul Gathering need souls?
Soul Release Make a minion out of yourself.
Soulcraft You create an artificial soul with profane methods.
Stellaris Phantasm The caster traps creatures inside an illusory bubble and then applies an omen to their doom.
Summon Giant Call forth the spirit of a giant to your aid.
Summon Treant You summon a Treant to attack you opponent
Summon Umbral Servant You summon creatures out of the shadows around you
Supremacy You sap the power of one creature, and add it to your own.
Teleport, Variant This spell instantly transports you and up to eight willing creatures of your choice within 10 feet, to a destination you select. This is a simplified variant of the standard teleport spell.
Temporal Enhancement Enhance the capabilities of yourself or an ally.
Tendrils of the Scarlet Mist Create a cloud of vampiric crimson mist that saps vitality from creatures.
The Hand ZA HANDO! This spell allows you to turn your hand into a space removing weapon.
Time Restoration You utter the Astral words for Time, Rewind, Restore, and Life as you raise your hand to the sky crushing a sapphire. Blue energy starts to flow into the dead body of any creature your wish to resurrect.
Time Walk Let's do the time walk again!
Timeless Transfer You open a rift in time to move to a point within range.
Tree of Life Conjure a tree for 1 minute that can heal or harm those in the bask of its luminescence.
True Circle of Rmatos Advanced Healing created by and for Demigods
Truth Revealed Your vision sharpens, and you view the world around you as it truly is.
Turdnado A massive swirling maelstrom of fecal matter that howls across the ground, spitting out its contents and leaving them strewn across the surroundings.
Updrafts Summon the power of wind to boost your allies
Vankodek's Chimeric Transformation You bind a second creature into yourself, allowing you full reign over their power and yours.
Vecna's Reanimation You place an unholy hex on yourself that can drag you from the dead later.
Viral Tentacles of Zyxos
Vitrify This spell transforms normal sand of any depth into crude glass. 10d6 fire damage, plus trapping creatures.
Void Armada You summon an armada of figures created from the void.
Wake of Buzzards You cause buzzards to descend onto a 30-foot-radius around yourself, attacking creatures.
Wall of Souls You create a wall made of undead spirits that scares all those who get too close.
Wave of Time Slow down your enemies in a wave of time, effecting creatures closer to the center of your attack the most.
Waves of Exhaustion You raise your hands and thrust them forward, violently flinging foul rays of energy from your fingertips.
Well of Lost Lore
Wild Winds of Chaos You unleash a gale of chaotic winds.
Withering Destruction You conjure a bolt of dark energy that leaps at a creature or object within range.
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