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These are the user submitted Base Effective Character Level 5 Races on D&D Wiki. See also 3.5e Races.

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ECL 5 races without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Race Name ECL Type (Subtypes) Ability Adjustments Size Favored Class Racial Description
Aertai ? Humanoid +4 Dex +4 Wis, +2 Con +2 Str Medium Druid The Aertai are a reclusive race of insect-like people that look rather like a dragonfly. They speak their own language and they combat all threats in their territory.
Aggressor 3 Monstrous Humanoid +4 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con, -4 Int, -4 Cha Medium Fighter Aggressors have the look of grayish brown winged statues. They have piercing red eyes and wild unkempt orcish hair. They have sharp claws and horns protruding from their heads. In order to create a better warrior, an exiled wizard conducted magical experiments of Orc volunteers who were seeking more strength as orcs often do. They are gifted with immense physical prowess.
Blackheart 2 Outsider(Evil) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Dex, −4 Cha Medium Fighter Blackhearts were once a proud and noble empire of humans that was eternally damned due to a faustian bargain, that was forced upon them. They were offered as the bargainingship of their enemy to a powerful archdevil in pursuit of power and the opportunity to destroy their enemy. As the city was being beseiged the once proud kindom of men requested aid from all neighboring kingdoms, villages, even barbarian wartribes, none came to their aid. As the final days of the once proud nation the king onlooked to the outskirts of his castle and saw the kindoms he had sent aid to... watching, laughing, mocking. since then these people have excepted their damnation and are returning..... to make all humans pay!
Cathaki 5 Magical Beast +2 Str, -4 Dex, -6 Cha Huge ? Huge sloth-like creatures.
Cheetion 5 Monstrous Humanoid +6 Dexterity +4 Charisma -2 Constitution -2 Wisdom Medium Thief <!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.->
Dwarves, Golden 5 Humanoid (Dwarf, Nordheim) +10 to Constitution, +6 to Strength, +4 to Intelligence, Wisdom Medium Smith, Fighter the dwarven race in Nordheim domain.
Dwarves, Nordheim 5 Humanoid (Dwarf, Nordheim) +10 to Constitution, +6 to Strength, +4 to Intelligence, Wisdom Medium Smith, Fighter the dwarven race in Nordheim domain.
Elves, Shadow 5 Humanoid ([[SRD:Augmented Subtype Augmented]] [[SRD:Elf Subtype Elf]]) -4 Strength, +5 Charisma, +9 Dexterity Medium Rogue
Fey-cursed 4 Fey (Human) -2 Strengh, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma Medium Rogue Fey-cursed are whimsical humans that despite alignment, tend to have chaotic natures.
Furheese <!-5-> Small Monstrous Humanoi −3 STR, +4 DEX, −2 CON, +2 INT, +0 WIS, +4 CHA Size: Small orcerer Furheese are small ferret like creature known for being natural pranksters.
Guaivens Humanoid (Aquatic) +4 Constitution, +2 Charisma, −2 Dexterity Large Cleric or Fighter
Honey Badgerkin 5 Monstrous Humanoid +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -4 Intellect, -4 Charisma Medium Monk Like their animal ancestors, badgerkin just don’t care.
Moroifolks 5 Humanoid (Moroi) Str +4, Dex +2, Con +4, Cha +2. Medium Fighter A race with vampire-like abilities
Mountain Giant
Qilin <!-5-> <!-Magical Beast (Dragon)-> <!−2 <!-Strength->, −2 <!-Charisma->, +1 <!-Dexterity->, +1 <!-Wisdom->, +2 <!-Intelligence->, +2 <-Constitution-> -> <!-Large-> <!-Druid. http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Druid -> <!-Qilin have the body of a deer and the head of a chinese dragon with antlers. They have a mane made of fur, and scales which cover the rest of the body. Qilin also have tails which resembles that of the Ox. They are mild-mannered, yet proud and aloof. They revere nature as the originator of almost all things holy, and desecration of nature will enrage them. When angry, the mane of a Qilin will burst into flames, as well as any other fur or hair on it's body. The hooves of a Qilin can never touch the ground. Each step will always create a small cloud for the hoof to step on, thus giving the Qilin the ability to fly. Qilin, however, have 2 other forms. That of an elf-like being with antlers, and that of a Qilin tattoo. The tattoo form is 2–dimensional, and Qilin must be touching the exposed skin of a creature to turn into a tattoo. In humanoid form, the Qilin can physically touch the ground, but cannot fly.->
Tarkata 2 Humanoid 2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 WIS Medium Fighter A powerful mix of human and demon, the Tarkatan warriors of Outworld are a race to be feared and respected.
The Darkfeather Clan 5 Outsider (Native) +2 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +4 Cha Medium Sorcerer The Green feather Clan were the first high elves to discover the art of sorcery and have perfected their sorcery over time.
Trolls, The Silver Lands
Were-Dragon, Gold by HD 1-5 +2, 6-10 +4, 11-15 +5, 16-20 +7, 21+ +8 Dragon, Shapechanger depends on age category see table below variable Any Created race combining lycanthropy with dragons
Yuki-onna, Variant 3 Mystical Being +2 Intelligence, −2 Strength Medium Sorcerer, Bard A female only race of natural born ice wielding mystics.
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