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All thanks and awe go to Obiewolf at Deviant art for the drawing!


Playing a Qilin[edit]

This is a 3.5e race. Qilin start off with 4D12 racial hit die. They have a Level Adjustment of +1, making their Effective Character Level (ECL) 5, at Class Level 0.

Every level, they gain 1d12 in Hit Die (HD) per increase in Effective Character Level (ECL) beyond ECL 5.

Qilin gain (4+Intelligence Mod per HD) in skill points.

This race gains the feat Natural Spell at the start of adulthood, allowing them to cast spells when in their tattoo form, as well as any other form (if they have any other shape–shifting powers).

It is possible to use humanoid classes with Qilin, as they have a humanoid form, but Druid works best. It is recommended to pick one of the Good or Evil alignments, as there are some abilities that can only work with one of those alignments. It is possible to play as a neutral, but you may lose access to some of your abilities.

Qilin are also immortal, meaning they don't die due to age. Because of this, you can use them in more than one campaign, if they take place in different times, planes, universes, etc.


Qilin are wise and proud, as well as aloof. They rarely, if ever, travel with other Qilin unless they have decided to look for a mate. Qilin who have mates will travel with their mate until they give birth and stay with them until their children reach adulthood at 100 years old. The majority of Qilin see no need to lie, as it would be seen as a defilement of their noble, proud stature. There are always exceptions to the rule though.

Good Qilin revere nature as the best of Ao's creations and will therefore protect it zealously. There are few ways to anger Good Qilin, as they are normally mild–mannered, but there are a few ways. Destruction and ruination of nature will enrage them, as will bringing the HP of a Qilin halfway down. When enraged, their manes and/or any hair on their bodies (despite whatever form they are in) will burst into red flames.

Evil Qilin think highly of nature, but will not bother protecting it. There are many ways of enraging Evil Qilin as they are normally hot–tempered and arrogant. These include bringing the HP of one halfway down, offending their pride, and/or doing something completely random, idiotic and annoying. When angered, Evil Qilin will have their manes and/or any hair on their bodies (despite whatever form they are in) burst into icy blue flames.

Physical Description[edit]

Qilin are generally 8–12 feet tall in their natural form, although there are some that have been known to be 16ft tall. They have the body of a deer and the head of a Chinese dragon with antlers. They have a mane made of fur, and scales which covers the rest of the body. Qilin also have a tail which resembles that of the Ox. These creatures are unique in the fact that they are unable to touch the ground in their natural form. A small cloud will appear under every step of their hooves, allowing them to fly in the sky but never letting them physically touch the ground. They are also generally between 1,500–1,800lbs but this cannot be seen as they look practically weightless on their clouds. All of the fur that makes up the mane and covers part of their tail have colors which are unique to the individual Qilin. This is the same for their scales, however their antlers are always the normal brown. Regardless of any other factor, the eyes of a Qilin will always remain brown, even when in other forms.

Qilin can use their supernatural ability to become humanoids. In this form, Qilin are much like elves, but with antlers on top of their heads. They are generally around 5–6ft tall and weight about 140lbs. Unlike many elf–like beings, Qilin in humanoid form are "sun–touched", meaning that their skins are tan brown. They will generally have black hair, but it's not unheard of for them to have other hair colors. Their eyes remain brown.

Qilin can also use their supernatural ability to become 2–dimensional living tattoos. The size of the tattoo depends on the height and width of the creature they are transposed onto, but they are generally big enough to cover the chest or back. Qilin must be touching a creature's exposed flesh in order to become a tattoo. They look like a very realistic tattoo in this form, albeit one that can move. This form does not, in any way, hinder their sight unless the tattoo is completely covered up.


All Qilin are on good terms with nature-based or nature–related races, as well as most Magical Beasts. They have a general distrust towards humanoids, one of the exceptions being humanoids with nature–based classes. Humanoids trust Qilin to a certain extent as the majority of them are honest, as they see no need to defile their proud stature with lies.


Qilin are most often Neutral Good, however they can be of any alignment except for Chaotic Neutral. Those that choose to be of an Evil alignment are fewer in number than those that choose to be of the Neutral or Good alignments, but there have been such cases in Qilin history.


Qilin prefer to live in areas of nature such as mountains, forests and plains. There are also those who have chosen to live in the oceans and seas. Their tails have elongated in order to help them traverse the waters. A favorite mating place for Qilin are the lands of wise leaders, as they believe that anyone born in the lands of the wise will grow to become a wise one themselves. The only place a Qilin truly feels uncomfortable in would be underground. No matter what form they take, all Qilin are uncomfortable being underground for any period of time whatsoever. However, this does not mean that they cannot go underground, they just prefer not to. Qilin prefer to roam all of existence, so they tend to not live in one place for very long (although no one has been able to determine exactly how long that is).


Qilin believe in the Overgod Ao. Some also believe in other Gods alongside Ao, but none worship God or Gods which go against Ao. They hold nature in high regard, and they protect and nurture it, as it is the birthplace of all things holy in the eyes of Qilin.


Draconic, Common, Qilin, Elven


Qilin are go through a naming ceremony when they become adults. The names are usually nature–based, however there are Qilin that are given names representing the species' dragon heritage. Qilin with Elven names are not unheard of, but are few and far in–between.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • −2 Strength, +2 Constitution, −2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, +1 wisdom.: Qilin focus more on learning more about all of creation, as all of creation was only possible due to the deity they worship, the Overgod Ao. They gain +2 Intelligence and +1 Wisdom for their love of learning. Qilin travel everywhere, gaining +2 Constitution to their bodies becoming tougher from travel. Although they are fast and agile, hence the +1 Dexterity, they do not place much importance on strength. Due to this, they get −2 Strength. In addition, they are also proud, and many are solitary creatures that only let a select few near them, hence the −2 Charisma.

  • Magical Beast (Dragon): The Qilin is a Magical Beast with Dragon heritage, born in an alternate universe which contained a planet named Earth. The dragons of the Orient on that planet had, at one point, become nearly extinct. Magical and Supernatural beings were all but forgotten, as each race dwindled down to an amount that could be counted on both hands. In order to preserve at least some of their line, they mated with almost any species that were compatible. The first Qilin were born of a union between the Oriental Dragon and deer, however all generations afterwards came from unions between Qilin only. If Qilin mate with other species, their children will be born as the other race (i.e. A Qilin that gets together with an Elf will make Elf babies). There is a 30% chance that these children will be born with one or more racial traits of the Qilin. As a random fact, on Earth, Qilin are also sometimes known as the Chinese Unicorn.

  • Large: −1 to Attack & Armor Class, +4 to Special Attack, −4 to Hide, x3 carrying capacity

  • Qilin base land speed (Antlered–Elf Form) is 30 feet: fly (perfect) speed 60ft

  • Darkvision (Ex): Able to see in total darkness, up to 60ft.

  • Natural Weapons: Qilin start out with 3 types of Natural Weapons: The front and back Hooves which deal 1d6 damage and count as light weapons and their Bite which deals 2d6 damage and counts as a two-handed weapon. The antlers can gore an enemy, inflicting 1d8 damage and counts as a light weapon.

  • Natural Armor: A Qilin's scales give it +7 Armor Class

  • Trample (Ex): Stomp repeatedly on target(s) under you 1d4 times, inflicting 1d12 damage each time.

  • Sword like Tiger, Spear Like Dragon (Ex): Qilin have Spear Proficiency in their Humanoid form, due to their Dragon heritage.

  • Shift (Su): Able to turn into an elf that has antlers. Can also be used to transform into a 2–dimensional tattoo of a Qilin on the creature whose exposed skin you are touching. Anything you are wearing melds with you, and becomes non–effective in the forms it was not made for. When reverting to the form it was made for, the gear will reappear in the same location it was previously, and becomes effective again. This ability also allows the Qilin to change back to its natural form. Changing forms is a standard action and doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity. You will NOT regain lost Hit Points. Unlimited use, may stay in the forms for unlimited time. A Qilin that becomes a tattoo on another creature cannot change forms for 2 rounds.

  • Mark of the Qilin: When becoming a tattoo on a creature, the creature gets healed for 4d6 Hit Points. For as long as you remain a tattoo on them, they gain: Heaven's Executioner (Su) or Demonic Berserker (Su) depending on whether the Qilin mark is from a Good or Evil Qilin, Spear Proficiency (if humanoid), and Minor Breath Weapon (Su). The Breath Weapon does 2d4 damage, has a range of Cone 30 and a recharge rate of 1d4+1. The damage–type is fire if the Qilin mark is from a Good Qilin, and Ice if from an Evil Qilin. The creature that possesses this mark will become the same alignment of the Qilin that that resides on its body. Every round after the tattoo has appeared on the creature, deal 1d6 damage to the creature as the burden of carrying the Mark is so great that it physically hurts the body.

  • Breath Weapon (Su): Breath out red flames which deal 1d4/level fire–type damage with a range of Cone 30 (if of a Good Alignment). Breath out icy blue flames which deal 1d4/level ice–type damage with a range of Cone 30 (if of an Evil alignment). Recharge rate for both is 1d4+1 rounds.

  • Heaven's Executioner (Su): Become shrouded in red flames when enraged, or your Hit Points fall below half. +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, −4 Strength, −4 Constitution. Attacks with Natural Weapons now deal an additional 2d4 fire–type damage. Spells now deal an additional 1d8 damage. Good Alignments only.

  • Demonic Berserker (Su): Become shrouded in icy blue flames when enraged, or your Hit Points fall below half. +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, −4 Intelligence, −4 Wisdom. Any weapon currently equipped becomes wreathed in the icy blue flames. Attacks with Natural Weapons now deal an additional 2d8 ice–type damage. Attacks with non-Natural Weapons weapons deal an additional 1d8 ice–type damage. Evil Alignments only.

  • Traverse (Su): Due to your Dragon heritage, you are able to travel to different dimensions, planes, and/or universes. 50% chance of success, may attempt 1/day but can only be successfully used 1/week. Successful attempts will leave you severely weakened, inflicting −4 Constitution for 1 day.

  • Sky's Favorite: Clouds appear under your hooves with each step in your natural form. These clouds support up to 3,000lbs, allowing you to essentially fly (perfect). They are intangible from any side other than the top, and will dissipate after you leave the area or at will. Sky's Favorite is a passive ability, and will always happen when in your natural form.

  • Sky's Wrath (Su): Run up (technically fly) to the sky, and run at max speed in a giant circle above the battlefield. The clouds created by your hooves might gather together to form a mighty storm. May attempt 1/day, but only successfully attempted 1/week. Successful attempts will result in −2 in all stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma) for 2 days.

Roll for percentage to determine if the ability is successful:

1–50: clouds created will not gather together into a storm (ergo, unsuccessful).

51–100: Ability is successful

If Successful, roll percentage to determine the effects:

1–50: Clouds block the sun for the rest of the battle

51–75: Rain for the rest of the battle

76–98: Rain falls, and 2d6 lightning bolts randomly fall on allies and enemies indiscriminately throughout the battle (each bolt is 5ft wide, 30 ft long, does 3d10 damage +1d10/5 levels, only 2 bolts will fall per round, saving throw Reflex half, DC 17)

99–100: You cause Rain, 2d6 lightning bolts, and a tornado. Tornadoes have wind speed of 175–300 mph, all ranged attacks (including siege weapons) are impossible as are listen checks. Large or smaller beings are blown away, Huge beings are knocked down, Gargantuan or Colossal beings are checked. Characters in close proximity to the tornado who fail their fortitude saves (30) will be sucked towards it. Characters that touch the tornado will be picked up and whirled around for 1d10 rounds, taking 6d6 damage/round before being violently expelled (fall damage may need to be calculated). The tornado moves forward at 250ft/round. The tornado will last for 3d20 rounds.

  • Immortality: Qilin do not lose or gain stats according to age. They will never die due to old age, however being immortal doesn't mean you are invincible. Dying from anything other than natural causes (old age and all the problems with it) is still possible.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Qilin Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
100 years +2d8 +2d12 +2d20
Table: Qilin Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age1
200 years 400 years 500 years 600+ years
  1. Qilin do not gain or lose stats according to age. They are immortal.
Table: Qilin Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 10'0" +2d12 1,700 lb. + (5d20) lb.
Female 8'0" +1d20 1,500 lb. + (5d20) lb.

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