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Note: This user is called "average" on another wiki, where a lot of homebrewed D&D stuff was placed. Ignore any maliciousness you see there. --me.

Attempted variants for an integrated system of GURPS + AD&D + D&D + One Ring for a future of a unified Role-Playing System. How is this possible? Because the soul has been understood from the demolition of it by the planetary shift. The mechanics of how the soul organizes abilities, energy/mana, and other things that will add AMAZING role-play and secret knowledge.

Much of this can be integrated as canonical material for the proposed, new edition, if they want (One), except that some major reworks may be necessary in existing canon -- that's just the price one pays when the canon is "wrong". Sorry, this knowledge cannot simply be counter-manded by opinions and desires. But, no need to be iron-fisted about it. It's all explainable to the curious lay(wo)man who knows a bit of D&D.

These are user-generated, homebrew pages, in experimental phase. Feel free to use and comment/debate. If you're Wizards of the Coast (or TSR Hobbies), please contact me. Much of this material is meant for you.

What appears below is a paltry remainder of pages for new D&D material that has come in from the planetary shift. It is knowledge that is integrated from the near destruction of the human soul. If you would like to see it all back, please tell the admins of this wiki.

Admins: DMs need an informal arena for collaborating and debating MANY different topics in the genres of RPGs. They do NOT need straight-jacketing into various templating systems and Category restrictions. However, the inclusion of such richly formatted material is VERY nice to have for the purpose of publication (like categorizing pages as SRD once they reach publication quality); however, this should not be the ENTIRE purpose of a wiki -- specifically homebrew content. Much of it shouldn't be read by players.

I played Cedric, a cleric in the Forgotten Realms, but out here I generally tell stories.

The purpose of the following is to work out the perfected partitioning of all the knowledge in the D&D canon about simulating an entire universe. That's the scope of what is possible for D&D and other RPGs. Complete, no-fudge, workings of life and magic.

Don't know if you want to be a player or a dungeon master? Start Here. (Note: all of this is just beta and may change...)

Main books(?). How to re-merchandize D&D, including artwork to put on various books (rather than scary warmongering that confuses your young mothers), new player material, band affiliation to develop camaraderie and shared spirit/enthusiasm. It's all very cool and made for YOU. Which is to say US. Right? Because if we can imagine a better world, by defeating the foes of P3ac3, and Tru4h, and L0v3, then we should.

Other ideas (may not be useful or practical):

Other miscellania


There are four new classes to balance the classically male classes from regular D&D. Remarkably, the classic classes from the 1st edition are now enhanced -- a near impossible feat for content that has been play-tested for decades.


DMs only. Players BEGONE!

For players that are getting out of hand, rather than heated arguments, put them in a penalty box of sorts. Make them grab a dice out of the "Jar of Slime" or something and look up the number they call out in a Table of Punishment.




Merchandise ideas:

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