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Female class, most generic.

  • Dominant stat: ASM
  • Tier path: Dreamer -> Spiritualist -> Stargazer -> Planeswalker -> Deity level (shared among all female classes ultimately?): Great Spirit

Reads the stars, subtly influences the realm.

XP gained by reading the stars. By communicating directions to other power holders in the game. By becoming aware of wind shifts and learning to read them (high-tier play).

DM Notes:

  • Reading the stars requires a star map. This map incorproates various planes olong the polar meridian, and the pantheon of Toril’s own plane along the equatorial.
  • The ears of feywild creatures pick up on the variations of wind currents. This "tuning in" connects them to the spirits that are connected to the stars and constellations providing natural attunements to the great movements of the sky gods as well as the beings of the Oerth/Toril.
  • Of note for polar stars, at least, is the exact hue of the star. The Pleidian star cluster is considered connected to the Northern pole of the starmap for Toril.

AL Notes:

  • Having a star map and a polar axis will require a seaonal shift to transpire within the game. A declination. The more subtle this declination, the more attuned someone will have to be to create the meaning for this subtle effect.
  • It is important to realize that these star readins are the doninant form of power movement within the planes of the feywild — a sort of parallel universe to the normql game universe, dominated by forces other than the normal, male-domiannt pantheon. These forces take the form of winds and are responsible for moving power across the land where it gets picked up (unconsciously) by animals, trees (creating tree growth), and other forces, like herbalist-classes, witches, and such (perhaps sorcerers).

WotC Notes:

  • The combination between equitorial and polar influsences of the stars is something that should be done by a separate, female-dominant group to create the sutble and independent shifts for the feywild. This will create a dichotomy within the all-that-is, between male and female components, but this is only natural. These components could be made into yin and yang rather than gender, but because of the makeup of the game, I believe it to be more interesting in game play for gender to be tyhe dominant axis.
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