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There are now weather mechanics available, using the varying gradients of power between different demi-god/desses and the trust from the ALLTHATIS. These gradients create wind flows from high to low-pressure cells. The power level excercised in a given domain creates a high pressure area, while those areas that are relatively quiescent are low-pressure areas. These generally get the rains to nourish the lands.

The allthatis is the outer-ring of power, consisting of at least an 8-dimensional vector, encoding both alignment states of the the male and female parts of the ALLTHATIS. This higher-dimensional being gets its mana from those who simply look up to the sky or the "gods" in an abstract sense. From this MANA, it trickles downto the lower gods based on a "trust-card" value that allocates 100% of the energy (since there is no incarnate, corporeal form) to the next level of time and agency.


Commoners and sages alike have learned to pay some respects to this ALLTHATIS, as they learned over the aeons that luck, weather, health improve or some correlation which remains for many subcsoncious, yet acting on their soul. Though it is too ancient (some say too wise) to give obvious favor or appearances for the doubtful. As for the needs of the poor, weak, or needy, the aeons of shown, that only TRUE adventurers arise when there is adversity to overcome. Yet, rather than play with simple peasants as if they were toys, the ALLTHATIS gave free will.

Whenever someone makes love out of sadness, grief, or heartbreak, a cleansing rain generally occurs to give back to the area where it happened --either the one(s) afflicted or the ones who healed it. If there is some guilt in the area from others lightning and thunderclaps will also be present. On the other hand, when darkness takes another innocent life, gloomy rain come down, cold and dark.

Besides pressure systems (along the lines of the demigods), there is also charged air. These charges have a color associated with them, like all etherial magic. The allthatis retains the color white, but the goddesses and herbalist create a colored charge as well. These colors generally are either in balance with other colors of the same kind (creating airflows where there are needs), or in conflict and seek resolution (creating winds that move the gradients of power around). The strength of this wind is dependent on the powers involved and the level or type of conflict. Differences in logic (or perhaps karma) tend to create electrical disturbences, while more minor differences result in wind fluctuations.

These colors may create the Winds, but on this topic, you will have to consult the goddesses, herbalists, witches, and stargazers to learn more. It is kept under their stewardship and guarded so that they may retain some equality amidst the glarmor and industry of men in power.

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