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The following constitutes the Kreb's cycle for D&D (only non elven/aryan races, dragonborn, nor shou race which have different biology... see below):

  • XP (proteins) is "translated" into HP (lipids) when in the world, creating your power.
  • HP gets copied and this temporary extra HP over your MAX_HP becomes useable MANA(cals)/life force,
  • This MANA(cals) gets used to create action-slots -- new activity.
  • new activity creates new eXPerience.
  • repeat

Boom. [Update: This is a STUB and a few tweaks are still necessary for it to be perfectly accurate.]

For elven, aryan (sun elf):

  • MANA accumulates to create HP,
  • This HP counts and is stored as your XP,
  • XP allows you to create novel actions
  • novel actions create new MANA.
  • repeat

For shou (asiatic/American Indian):

  • XP counts as HP (WISdom)
  • HP allows wise actions
  • actions gather new MANA
  • MANA gathers and gets held as personal power (XP)
  • repeat

HP is effectively ATP. But in a pinch your DNA or XP can be converted into HP/ATP for survival. ATP/HP can be converted into MANA at the rate of 1HP=100MANA. And this mana can be converted into motor movement or a round (SPEED).

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